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Defend this

You can't
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it is a natural relationship
It's a young girl's childhood fantasy realised in an anime full of odd relationships.

I guarantee most of Clamp's staff when they were 10 dreamed of being with one of their teachers.
What the hell is so natural about it?

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don't tell me what I can and cant do you fucking cunt.
because the Japanese language is so laborious and inefficient you can read through all the subs before the character is even half way through their sentence so it really makes little difference.
Also I'd rather not learn a language that doesn't rely on Latin characters making it completely incomparable with computers

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Kiritsugu looking cool.jpg
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Is Kiritsugu the masculine ideal? The true essence of manliness and masculinity distilled into the form of one human being?
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No, what makes you think so?
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what am i reading.jpg
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>cries like a lil bitch
>abject failure
>bad parent
>bad cook
>failure as a person

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>no youjo senki episode today
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At least we will have a new chapter in 3 days.
Surely there's a bin outside you can get your fix from?

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Why was she so hard to impress?
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Because she's stupid. She has a clip in her hair that isn't even holding that part of her hair to anything, it's just dangling there doing nothing. If she takes the clip out then absolutely nothing will change, you can't expect to impress a person like this.
She actually has standards.
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Yuutah was the cream of the crop in her class and he's still a fucking dud.

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Heh prepare for the one hit K.O.
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acnologia might be immune to magic
but he's not immune to parfume
How many chapters are left?

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>anime is shit
>last manga chapter is full of dickshaped monsters
>we go on hiatus until winter

What is miura trying to tell us /a/?
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>dickshaped monsters

Any pic of them?
He's telling us to go fuck ourselves.
>What is miura trying to tell us
that he's doing a run of all the idolmaster games back to back.

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fuck up*
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ume lewd.jpg
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With a cricket bat. "Thanks for making people think a harem with talky bits is good if presented in a flashy manner."

Katanagatari was GOAT though.

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Should we enter together with a collaborative ironic shonen deconstruction manga?

Can we include cute lolis?

Let's put ideas in this thread
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oh fugg https://medibang.com/contest/jumpuniversal/
mc-kun fucks the loli

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Post your favourite OST:

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I also like the slow version of Chariot's Theme but I can't find it anywhere
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I just want to have Amagi Brilliant Park threads every day
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So how mamy times a day does assistant manager flick the bean to manager?
itch the ditch
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Dropped the soap.webm
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You're a little too late then. Like almost two years late.

Back when the show was airing there're like several 500+ replies Amagi thread everyday. Right now the show is just out of season.

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>Show ended a year ago
>Rem still everywhere in Akiba
Remdomination still going strong

Ask an /a/non who went to Akiba anything. Stayed there for half the day. Will post more pics
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Fuck. Never knew it uploads sideway. Sorry
bitch i went to akiba two weeks ago and there wasnt jack shit

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How come Fate Zero was so much better than all the other FSN dreck?
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Because you're underage
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It was written by someone else.
But liking FSN is what a teenager would do.
Nasu is a hack

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>After Shinozaki Haruka confesses to the Class Rep, Kousaka Akiho, he comes to find that the perfect class representative might be a little bit harder to handle than he previously thought!
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I read like 5 pages then I realized that I didn't know what the fuck I was doing and all mangas are completely incoherent to me. Glad this is getting an anime though so I can make sense of what was going on.
Old news
How is it to be mentally regressed person?

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I still don't see a trail of blood
I hope he will get well soon
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That's a "shit, I should have pushed harder" face.
how many chapters will the coma last i wonder

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