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File: houseki no kuni pv.jpg (28KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
houseki no kuni pv.jpg
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Update on Houseki No Kuni #d animation

New PV


It doesn't look bad at all actually. THEIR LEARNING

The art style of the manga works well for the anime, and nice details like the gem hair is done well.
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We got some threads already i think. Imo it looks fine for 3D, i guess im not gonna complain much if its like that for the entire anime.

I wonder how much they plan to cover.
There is enough material to cover up to a cliff hanger. Then wait a few years for the mangaka. Then get season 2. thats what i hope they do.

She's a cutie

I want to carve her jewels

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Would you watch an anime about cute primarchs doing cute things?
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> fantasy > 40k
Hell yeah
Someone post the ork picture.

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2MB, 1920x1080px
I googled this but found almost nothing, but when I watch attack on titan I get aroused when I watch titans eat people, especially slowly, for example in season 2 episode 2 a titan slowly eats a woman while she just lies there quietly with her legs exposed, I know it's weird but I can't be the only one right? It's only anime so I'm not actually a cannibal, what do you guys think?
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Yeah me too
It's called vore, you depraved freak. Go fap your heart out on sad panda.
That's pretty gross OP.

Do you have a link to the scene you're talking about?

Should I watch or read this series?
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Read, then watch.
Read, tha pacing of the anime is really slow
Keep in mind that it's really depressing

File: kumi.png (442KB, 602x644px)Image search: [Google]
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what makes hibike so damn good?

also, reminder that I aced the FACT that they would make a movie >>151567544

>I announce that season 2 WILL happen
>shitposters say it's impossible, and season 2 won't happen just because they are that retarded
>season 2 happens
>I announce that there will be a sequel because the story is not over yet
>again, shitposters say it flopped and it's "impossible"
>Kyoani announce a sequel

You owe me an apology, /a/.
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Sorry buddy, no one cares that you guessed something correctly. Broken clock is right twice a day.
kyoani is unstoppable

hibike - aoty 15
hibike s2 - aoty 16
kumiko love story - best film also movie awards winner

how can they do it is beyond me

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221KB, 552x767px
How different would the story be if Casca was the Black Swordsman?
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If we could keep the donovan's rape scene then yes
fuck off
Is she biting off femtos dick?

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How did a random Australian children's book get an anime?
It wasn't even short either, it went on for 5 seasons and had 65 episodes.
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>Characters travel the world on many adventures similarly to Pokemon and Inuyasha.
>They face puzzle like mind games similarly to Death Note, Spiral and Hunter X Hunter.
>It was too fitting to have also australian singer "Del"ta Goodrem's "In This Life" to be an opening, which also happen to sound very similar to your usual jpop anime theme.

Basically a whole lot of anime tropes and too good an opportunity to waste.
Also don't forget, Dain is a great example of what you'd expect from a bishonen kind of character, even in the books. More anime tropes for you.
Oh, yet more anime tropes, there's even a tournament arc.

File: hug mama.png (1MB, 1500x1069px)Image search: [Google]
hug mama.png
1MB, 1500x1069px
How far do you think that this will going?
Does Riichi have enough balls for anything?
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Expecting blue balls.

Going to be hard to avoid kissing and stuff if he keeps experiencing dating her.
Has this been translated yet?
I'm not getting my hopes up too much. There'll be enough to keep people interested but we'll probably just be strung along until it ends.
Does this manga have more pictures or is this literally it?

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133KB, 640x960px
Mom was cleaning my room, and found this.

What is the most awkward anime thing your familia has found?
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My figures I guess. None of them are with tittys and pus flying everywhere though.
Some yugioh cards.
Nobody cares. Post this in the buyfag thread so we can laugh at your shitty bootleg pillow.

Why are Onee chans so much better than filthy imotous? Especially eldritch ones.
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File: Ane Naru Mono 31.jpg (749KB, 1172x976px)Image search: [Google]
Ane Naru Mono 31.jpg
749KB, 1172x976px
File: 1468785130149.jpg (37KB, 225x350px)Image search: [Google]
37KB, 225x350px
Onee-chans will take care of you.
And protect you from evil women who just want to take advantage of you.

File: shitstorms.jpg (971KB, 2646x3024px)Image search: [Google]
971KB, 2646x3024px
I'm trying to put together a list of all the memorable shows for this board throughout the years. Unfortunately I'm not an oldfag so anything from the board's birth to early 2006 is lost on me, plus my memory is pretty hazy regarding the activity of some shows. I've got a bunch of stuff down but I'm sure I'm missing a few. Rules are simple:

- The show or manga must have had a remarkable and lasting impact on the board during its airing time or afterwards, preferably flooding /a/ with threads
- Containment threads must have failed if they existed at the time

Candidates I've considered but not added yes:
>Psycho Pass
>Starting today, I'm Nagaoka's girlfriend. Pleased to meet you
>Rozen Maiden
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The Free! announcement.
Raildex was (and in sometimes, still is) the pinnacle of autism, both in good ways and bad ways. Railgun shitposting, TouMAN, Accel spammer himself, etc.
Actually I'm pretty sure you can still get yourself banned by posting with Accelerator in the namefield, but I'm not gonna test it myself.

File: 13_GrenVicious2.png (272KB, 615x478px)Image search: [Google]
272KB, 615x478px
I'll start
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File: Pure joy.png (121KB, 236x382px)Image search: [Google]
Pure joy.png
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File: 1492354677186.jpg (2MB, 897x1280px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 897x1280px
Re:Zero Episode 18

File: download.jpg (13KB, 234x215px)Image search: [Google]
13KB, 234x215px
Post best waifus
pic related
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File: GundamOriginIV-3.jpg (81KB, 1200x675px)Image search: [Google]
81KB, 1200x675px
And I win
she and most of the other gundam girls are annoying and ugly
Post the image of my mother one more time and I'll drop an asteroid on you.

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1014KB, 1080x837px
Remember when /a/ watched Urusei Yatsura together?

Will something like that ever happen again?
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Well, the 30th anniversary is coming next year.
40th, actually. We're currently in the 30th anniversary for Ranma, though, if anyone wants a Ranma rewatch.
>195 25 min episodes
>4875 minutes
>81 hours
Not even worth my time

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Just make porn
Porn(hentai) doesn't sell.
Why the fuck does this get me so hard?

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