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>Implying One Piece alone can carry the entire magazine
>Implying BnHA and/or Nigger Clover are big enough to support the magazine

Gentlemen, how do we save Weekly Shonen Jump?
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A Battle Shonen but this time with Space Cops!
A Battle Shounen but this time with Inferno Cops!
>Implying One Piece alone can carry the entire magazine

but it has exactly been doing that for the last 10 years

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DDEL2zZVYAELvsl.jpg large.jpg
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The PV is here. And new key visual too.

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>main girl is a flattie
>second girl is a titty monster

Every time
>AssClass without the Ass
Who cares.
More like Baka Test without the Baka.

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Hard Mode: Power of friendship conquers all
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A former teen Idol who had single smash hit, but burned out on the Idol lifestyle before she could land lasting success, is stuck living hand to mouth on part time temp jobs now that she's in her 30's. Despite this she still loves music and writes songs, occasionally playing them on NicoNico behind a mask, earning more than a little underground fame. A producer for an up and coming idol group tracks her down despite her anonymity and hires her be their manager and groom them: Give them pointers on how to be idols, show them the ropes of performance both on and off stage, and most importantly, write them songs. Under her tutlage, this young teen idol group explodes out of the gate, becoming incrediblly famous.

Despite her success behind the scenes, despite getting millions to listen to her songs, she only became more bitter and depressed, sad and frustrated that she'll never earn the fame she always sought with her own hands even as people talk behind her back calling her a washed-up has-been living on the coat tails of actual talent.

She quits her job, comes home, and records herself live casting off the mask and revealing who she actually is. She pours her heart and soul, all her frustration and anguish into a live, impromptu song, ad libbed on the spot with her guitar talking about how hard it is make a living teaching other people how to be famous when all you have to go on is your own failure. Her song goes viral, however, and she soon gets offers for contracts with companies, including the rival publishing house of her former idol troupe. And she has to ask herself, is it worth it diving back into the limelight after everything else that's happened to her? Especially when it will essentially make her enemies with her former student Idols who, despite everything else, always stood by and appreciated her?
big juicy tits with different proportions
>MC-kun is an apprentice under MILF witch alongside another boy
>while both boys excel at magic, the other boy has a frail body and "soul," making him susceptible to spirit possession, so MILF witch doesn't allow him to do anything dangerous
>out of frustration, the other boy runs away
>fearing for his safety, MILF witch sends MC-kun on a quest to return him
>along the way, MC-kun is joined by an anti-mage that acts all motherly, an archer who has a typical protagonist personality, a lich (male), and a lewd assassin
>together they rescue MC-kun's friend, the end
>lich boy wins the MC-kunbowl

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Did Sunshine live up to expectations or was it just as waifubait cashgrab?
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OP I never watched love live but that's hot as fuck so I'll rate it 8.5/10 could've used a better soundtrack.
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Riko-chan surpassed my expectations.
I enjoyed it more than S1 of Muse. However, topping S2 will be hard

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Post your best HYPE moments. Can you beat the OP?

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If only they had change the voice over, I can't take Gon in this form seriously when he have the voice of a japanese woman trying to sound like a dude but failed hard

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Welcome to labyrinth town. Choose one urara to sleep with your daughteru.
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>Choose one urara to sleep with your daughteru.
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i can live with this.png
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>Choose one urara to sleep with your daughteru
She can sleep with (in the literal sense) Nono. I will sleep with (in the sexual sense) the other three.

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Characters who live up to their renowned beauty.
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I have a hard time remembering everything I read in manga. Any suggestions on how I could have an easier time remembering things?
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read the manga
The only time i struggle to remember what I read is if it's written in a poor way or uses a lot of words I dont particularly understand.

Maybe try reading out loud because that helps when I'm reading really annoying things such as Tolstoy
reread it

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Is Death Note a masterpiece?

Was Kira justice?
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It was boring as fuck and super overrated. The only reason it's popular is because it's fujobait cancer and fat chicks love muh edgy black haired autist. Overall 10/10 would cum to blond chick again.
What's an anime/manga you consider a masterpiece?
Even dragon ball did the edgy kid with god complex better.

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I still can't believe SJ was obtuse enough to cancel the next big thing.

Hopefully it gets moved to a seinen magazine where it's heavy themes can be freely expressed.
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>introducing NTR bait rich boy

Good thing it ended before the author went for forced romance shit.
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I wonder if Poro will be ever scanlated. It ended with him becoming father
I fucking hated the MC for being a retard. The existance of libido is supposed to be a trump card to use against the adults, and not only did he make their existance known, but the other garage kids were totally fine with him blowing their cover, praising him even. How the fuck are you going to win a revolution with that attitude?

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>Anon-kun, please stop watching cartoons and come to bed already...
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But I'm not sleepy yet.
>go to bed
>open up laptop and continue watching cartoons
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Since the season is nearly over let's discuss who is best girl of the season.
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le satori face.jpg
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Only one true choice
Shit season, almost no memorable girls. I'll vote for Diana if she counts.

Is it okay to fall in love with a ghost?

Would a ghost be a good wife and mother?
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Love is never wrong.
As much as I love my mom it would be super annoying if she stayed behind haunting me.
Sorry, ghosts are 2spooky to raise children

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Five years later and Shinka's still got it
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Shinka grows stronger
fucking who
Give me Deko.

Is he a rapist or what?
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krillin doesn't know.jpg
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>it's another Roshi/18 doujin

Krillin doesn't know, Krillin doesn't know!
>Is he a rapist or what?
Obvious not. He really could use force against women but the point is he has too much pride for it.

But his original character gag was that wise hermits like him normally would be celibate by choice. The result is that he is horny but doesn't do anything about it other than watching porn all day.

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