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Hello, I'd like to stay here for three days and two nights.
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was Kino no Tabi the origin of "Kino" as in quality?

I sure hope so. Kino no Tabi was certainly fuckin Kino if you ask me.
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No, it's a /tv/ meme that found it's way to /a/. Although it certainly is relevant in this case.
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Kino is Kino

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Digimon were technically isekai.
Prove me wrong
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>no harems
>no broken skillset or skill absorbtion
>no generic protagonist

You sure you have the right genre, m8?
There's nothing to prove wrong here. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that.
And it isekai'd a group of kids instead of just one. That was 15 years ago, and they did it better than all this shit now

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ITT: Best girls from their respective series.

Starting with some obvious ones.
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Anna and a dick.gif
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Have you watched Maruko yet, /a/?
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Do you have a full episode in English?
I don't speak asian so I can't watch it.
I think I fapped to her

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ITT: We fix shitty anime that had a great premise but fucked it up.

I'll start
>Pic related

>Replace "monster of the week" with 12 individuals either actively plotting to murder the others, or simply stay alive Death Note style.
>Make bagguys less retarded. Blind guy uses his wits to survive, rather than a nuts Sentai hero. Maybe the couple doesn't take Yuki/Yuno's phones then challenge them to a nonsensical death match.
>Yuki has clear arc where he starts out as a pussy, then is forced to make a series of increasingly depraved moral compromises in order to survive, until he finally becomes a sociopathic megalomaniac
>Yuki's parents aren't directly involved in any way, but get murdered midway through as collateral damage
>Replace retarded plot shit. For example, when the toddler tries to poison them, maybe they simply see that Yuki dies on Yuno's phone and figure it out, rather than feeling the weight of the tomatoes.
>In the same vein, base shit to some degree in reality apart from the game and gods (for example, no unstoppable explosion proof armor, darts through phones, etc.)
>Instead of being so in love with him and complicated AU bs, have Yuno slowly grow disillusioned with Yuki the more narcissistic he becomes, and realize that she only fell for him because he offered her a respite from her shitty life.
>Eventually, Yuki goes full psychopath, and starts completely disregarding Yuno's life in order to serve his own agenda. When she almost dies and he just sort of brushes it off, she decides to kill him, but can't until the end of the game since her phone would become useless.
>With everyone else dead, Yuki expects Yuno to kill herself in service to him. She tries to murder him, he manages to get away, and the show ends with the two biggest psychopaths in the show going head to head, with Yuki having to fight someone who knows his every move.
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>Stays more or less the same the end of episode 6 or so
>Haru and Shizuku legitimately start dating, as opposed to weird one step forward two steps back BS drama
>No stupid love triangle. Maybe other people start to like them, but they brush them off immediately.
>Drama comes from them figuring each other and their relationship out and dealing with the world around them, rather than stupid "we can/can't be together" romcom bs.
>Drama continues to ensue as they continue to help each other find a balance between work and play, and Shizuku slowly helps Haru understand that violence, while effective, is only applicable to solve certain problems.
OP you literally didn't change a single thing.

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From left to right: Rukia, Ishida and Ichigo.
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Except Busou Renkin had the decency to end itself pretty quickly
you unironically think you just said something positive right now didn't you?
But that anon is right. Kubo is a hack.

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What did he see?
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cute gf
steam sale
Nagato's throbbing dong

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angel's egg.jpg
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What'd you think of Angel's Egg?
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overrated shit
The poor man's Night on the Galactic Railroad
you mean moeblob?

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Wow. It's shit.
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Wow OP is shit
Meh. It was better than that new Mummy flick that recently came out.
Yes. It's fucking shit.

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ITT: shows normalfags would never understand.
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>wait, that's his sister?

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Is it normal to get turned on by your imouto?
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If she's hot.
Oh baby. Is that daki for sale?

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Check out this cool picture of Miyako.
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Wow Anon, where did you find something this crazy?! Mind if I save it?
Yeah man, just be discrete about it
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Hi I am Yuno. Hi am from Japan.

Your site is cute. Many many cute photo. I am in your site for many many time, but I no understando all.

What you talk? What is the favorite discussion you say please?

Sorry for my question. Bye bye America.


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Would you let her use her aphrodisiac on you, /a/?
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The question is, would she like to use it on me?
Even ugly guys are an easy source of money.
But Sakie sensei is a pure succubus, not a dirty succubus. She is very considerate of not using her power in public.

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muh energy quota.png
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I will start.
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If you had the chance to become immortal and all you had to do was torture some aliens, would you?

the QBs basically chose to do that
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And they say he did nothing wrong, pshaw.

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>Dozen fate anime coming out
>Dozen Fate stories ongoing at the moment
>FGO anime
>Apocrypha anime in a month
>FGO english release in two days
>Mobile game makes like 30 million a month apparently, and Sony admits that it basically keeps an entire division in the black at the moment.

Its unironically the age of Fate
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whats the name of these comics is it official or just some guy
And yet they still can't put out something that's watchable

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