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Remember when /a/ was embracing sluts and not used shitty /pol/ memes incorrectly?
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where is snake?
If by embracing your mean shitstoming and raging and generally throwing autistic shitfits with full advantage taken by trolls.
But I still embrace sluts and they embrace me. That being said, it's not like /a/ knows what an actual slut is.

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Grunbeld Best Boy.jpg
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>Grunbeld Novel/Spinoff
Is this reallife?
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well they have to keep the fans entertained during the next years of hiatus
>Regardless of how this turns out he will sacrifice all those he loves to become an Apostle
>Afterwards he will end up being killed by Guts if he's lucky or one of the witches if he isn't, or worse single panel kill by SK.
>Guts has a loli
>Grunbeld had a loli

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Be honest with yourself /a/. You want a robot only cast with no cute cyborgs that look like humans, but actual mecha.
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No. Mainly because without humans the ontological discussion becomes a bit hollow.
Nah, fuck that. I want cute girls.
I'd be down with a full cast of cybrogs that didn't look like people but had some human boss or something. I always dreamed of a non-SD Gundam show. Where the robots just go to war for the humans but still have their own culture. Like the Transformers movies.

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Best Cat Thread
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What did they mean by this?
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Since all the character in the show are weighed down by their past, they have to carry that weight, no matter how hard they try to escape it.
cowboy bebop is all style and no substance
it means nothing
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You're gonna dangle that bait

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>Deku as Naruto
>Bakugo as Sasuke
>Todoroki as Gaara
How do you feel about this?
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>Bakugo acting like a total edgelord instead of permanently being pissed at everything
>One day Bakugo decides to betray everyone and now the entire story is about getting Bakugo back
I know this is shitpost but here you go.
>Naruto: loud, attention-seeking, dumb, perverted
>Deku: humble, smart, leader, reserved/shy
>Bakugo: loud, prideful, angry, sore loser, but not a loner
>Sasuke: calm, pretentious, emo, self-centered
>Todoroki: socially inept, becomes humble and responsible, conflicted
>Gaara: lol murderous outcast kill everything
The only reason I replied is because at least this thread has the name in the title.

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What happened to monmusu? New season happening? I was outta the game for a while for a while hopefully I didn't miss much
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The manga is still going.
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It's still ongoing but a lot of hype seems to have died down. I can only think of two reasons for it.
1. The mods started cracking down on these threads hard for some reason.
2. The recent chapters have started to focus more on small, narrative arcs rather than harem shenanigans and lewdness. Some claim it's because Crabman is trying to appeal to a more Western audience. Needless to say not everyone is happy with the shift (and personally I found the more recent chapters less entertaining to read than the earlier ones).

Personally I think Crabman either needs to end this, or MonMusu will slowly peeter down like harem tend to do after their initial popularity.

Angela Ballsack
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Visually great. Interesting concept with potential. But wastes it all. A real shame.

I don't get Urobuchi. He has shown that he can be good but more and more often he just fucks up.
Best girl

ITT improve a characters quirk performance through tools
>add muh edgy claws to his gauntlets
>grab someone
>make boom at centimeters
I bet blasty mcsplode would love to rekt people like this
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what if tsuyu had toxic farts full of pheromones
Why would he need claws to grab someone?
Bakugou should just tape shrapnel or cutlery to his hands so he can grapeshot instead of his faggy HE attacks.

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CFYOW part 5 is out. Setting is Hueco Mundo.
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He sure is making this faster than the that Fate thing.
Goddammit it's a long one. This will take a while..
>PS I am banned on /a/ and as such I will not be posting there today.
>The surviving quincies are Liltotto, Jugram's aide, Giselle and the Jagdarme.
>So basically a cute girl, a trap an office lady and a bunch of males.
>Liltotto and Giselle were saved on Haschwalth's orders as soon as Yhwach had fallen asleep.
>It is said that Bambi's flesh can be brought back to life with Mayuri's science as long as her brain is intact.
>In addition the survivors of the Sternritter are planning to raid Soul Society and retrieve Meninas and Candy. I don't know if they're planning to retrieve their bodies, or if they're implied to be alive.
>Also, Jugram's aide is more powerful than some Sternritter, but she does not have a letter. She declined joining the Sternritter because she wished to serve Jugram only.
>Bambi is terrified of a certain shinigami. She collapses and starts calling out the names of her friends in terror. The shinigami they encountered in Hueco Mundo was Hikone and he/she releases Ikomikidomoe as the chapter ends.
>Bazzard Black is heavily implied to be dead. His reaitsu completely disappeared. Also, Giselle says Meni and Candy can be made into zombies, so they're probably dead.
>Rudobone appears, but he's only looking from afar.
>I should mention Hueco Mundo had broken into war between the vasto lordes when Grimmjow and Halibel disappeared. But when Neliel returned with both in tow the war ended and they all retreated, disappointed. I find that kind of humorous.
Previous thread

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Post worst girls
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Deserve horrible death.
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/a/, I don't know anything about Yu-Gi-Oh, let alone know how to play it. How do I get started with this series? What order should I watch it in? Dub or sub?
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Start from the beginning. It only gets worse from there, so enjoy it while it's good.
>Dub or sub?

If you even have to ask you shouldn't be here.
Also >>>/r/
Fuck off.
The sub has a ton of really good sounding OPs,
where as the dub has the same OP throughout

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Why do people like Kurumi so much? Is it just a bunch of teenagers who like her red/black color scheme or thinking that just because she's an insane lunatic equals to being a yandere?

Genuine question here for all clockfags.
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Because she is best girl. And get your eyeballs checked, thats orange not red
Clockfags are sub-human.
I like her design, I like her playful personality, I like her lewdness.

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>started in 2012
>new chapter released this year
>last two chapters released in 2016, and 2015 so 1 chapter a year
What the fuck is this? Does it just happen when the author feels like doing something?
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>kuzu no honkai art
nah but in all seriousness it got cancelled I thought. Why there are still chapters appearing I do not fucking know
is this about Kimi wa Midara? a name helps when google doesn't give anything back retard
it didn't get canceled just delayed for a long-ass time
maybe the artist was too busy with the kuzu anime

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QUALITY thread
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