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Official trailer is out. New season will start on 2017/7/13.
【てーきゅう 9期】『てーきゅう 9期』PV【公式】 https://youtu.be/Evi_rgbnoVo via

Director, scenario, character designer is Shin Itagaki as always.
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I'm happy for the guy. He must be so glad to be back to this masterpiece again instead of wasting his time on that garbage Berserk.
Season 2 OP is the best OP https://youtu.be/CiI0ntOD1X8
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Teekyuu is the only show in which Anonymous appeared.

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ITT: Best girl in her respective series
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Epic thread OP

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How hyped are you for the finale?
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Did it work?
Ler's play a game!

We give him a dialogue based on the gif

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What are some interesting tidbits you've experienced or read/heard about pertaining to the anime industry as a whole?

Voice acting, animation, production stuff, etc. Just interesting things that go on behind-the-scenes. Like how to be a voice actor in Japan, you need to go to school for years and study it akin to a college degree.
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They have really strange working hours, or they are all working overtime.
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I want Satsuki to sit on my face.
Does anyone on /a/ have any actual industry experience? Or even any aspirations to get some?

So Makishima's brilliant plan was to give up on the oats and single-handedly dispatch as many bureau members as possible while escaping/anticipating dying at Kougami's hand?
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They were both in the wrong.

Two wrongs don't make a right, anon.
Was Reuenthal a THOT patrol squad pioneer?

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What makes Anzu so sexy?
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Her warm and delightful personality.
Her stinkiness.
Her bunny _____

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So, this is the only PV with a bit of useful diealogue to estimate how much of the novel will be adapted but... What do they say!?
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Looks like it goes to volume 4 from the boss battle in the forest.
Or at least that's what my memory from reading this shit over 3 years ago thinks.
Roboto, sore wa otoko normandes?

nigga i don't know
cute boy (female)

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>come home
>see this
What to do?
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Throw the nug in a fucking blender because she's reading Eromanga sensei. I then pour the blended nug over kanna and tenma and have sex with them.
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umaru die.png
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How do you call this hair style?
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Mickey Mouse Space Monkey receding hairline

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Greetings /a/, it is I Cell.

I am holding a tournament, if I am not defeated in these games then your planet will be destroyed.

Let the games begin.
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I bet you think you're actually being clever, making this thread.
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Look at this post.jpg
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The real question is can you turn into a female?

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So was Kanna seriously just about to rape a 9 year here? Would they have had lesbian sex right there and then if they weren't interrupted?

This series is a lot darker than I expected.
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Kanna really needs to fix her eating disorder.
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Saiwaka was into it
I think she was sizing her up like cicada. I'm sure she could have unhinged her jaws like a snake, but they couldn't show it for risk of exciting the Deviant Art community.

This is an japanese old hag.
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When she's taken the youth pill she counts as a teenager.
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God dammit I miss ReLife.
Blew it all on an adaptation that'll never get a season 2 and now only slow ass manga.
Maybe in a year or so a miracle happens.
The fact that this teen is actually a cake just makes her even cuter.

am i a sick and broken person for getting turned on by this anime?
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you are a sick and broken person in general, not due to that show
i wasnt blaming the show.
Mamiko noto's voice attracts me

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