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Why are 14 year olds allowed to show this much skin in a children's anime
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Sex appeal.
Because 14yo already show that much skin and more in real life so its not a big deal?

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Why did Nichijou flop?
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Forced Awesomeness.
Too expensive and a tsunami.
Forced meme: the anime

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Ten rapes per second

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yukari dance.gif
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It's friday, and yet again time to party all night with your fellow /a/nons!
Post gif/webm of dancing anime grills

Come listen to EDM tunes and anime remixes straight from Japan, mixed live by our best DJs!
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Fuck this dumb shit
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>Watch anime
>Op has subs
>"Metaphysical concepts seperate our existence, in a dimension of our own creation..."
Is all jap music this pretentious?
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poetry, even such simple poetry as song lyrics, is impossible to translate, especially from asian languages to european languages
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dumb silly face poster

Alright, it's once again to welcome the weekend with a new release of this batshit insane manga.
So grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride.
Also, please bump the thread whenever possible.
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Has it been confirmed? Are we living in the Nasuverse /a/?
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There's no way Archer is that far away in that image.
Silver Link would have you believe otherwise
If Archer was a Canadian CSOR operator than yes. Also top 5 longest confirmed kills are by Canadians. Why can't burgers into long range kills despite their love of guns?

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wow I can't believe I didn't watch this sooner. What a show.
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Sora no Woto is Haibane Renmei done right.
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did she get the D?
Is this gundam?

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Is it okay to fuck your sister?
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Only if she's your nee-san
Have they pirated the second Vita VN yet?

Is there an emulator?

post an anime that is significant for you, in any way and for any reason. no bullies allowed in this thread.
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Boring so I dropped fmab after the first 12 minutes.
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Got me into anime
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The greatest influence for me.

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Screenshot (141).png
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Screenshot (143).png
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Who was in the wrong here?
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Me, most likely.
Elf girl's fault for being so damn stretchy
What are they scared of

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4.0 when?
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Hopefully never.
hopefully never.
after that absolute shit show that was 3.0 and fansevice 2.0 I hope the new series is completely abandoned. 1.0 was very nice as it was pretty much NGE with graphics update.
I'd be ok if they changed the story from NGE but what they did was just awful

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>tfw you think a favorite manga is getting an anime adaptation
>tfw you realize it's just a 5 minute commercial or a shitty hentai OVA
Sometimes I wish I could live in Japan and experience things in real time, instead of waiting for scanlations of volumes years later.

What anime or manga ended up disappointing you, for whatever reason?
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Most recently, LWA is probably the biggest disappointment. Like, it could be a lot worse, but considering how good the OVAs were, it's a bummer how it turned out.
I'm not looking forward to the Tsurezure Children anime, though. I just have the feeling everything is going to go to shit.
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the maoyuu maou yuusha manga because it's adaptation was superior. Unfortunately it was only superior because they changed things related to the plot and character development. Because they were not present in the original manga or LNs they would have to rewrite the whole story to make a season 2. I guess I am just disappointed that they couldn't just get it right the first time.

Image related (it's the anime vs the manga)>>158870662
>Volume 11 was at least 3 years ago
Why did Hell's Kitchen go on hiatus?

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Name one person who hates Berserk more than Miura.

Protip: You can't.
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How come that one image with that shiteating grin is the only image we have of him?
If you had pissed off fans like he did, you would keep a low profile as well.
whoever's "drawing" the new anime

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