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Episode of East Blue announced for August

Are you looking forward to see the classic One Piece re-animated?
This is the first time i actually got excited for an "Episode of" special
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End game right here, brothers
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We already had episode of nami, they can fuck off
w/o any spoilers, how far in is the current arc? is it almost done? im tryna rewatch and catch up rn.

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ITT: the best character from their series
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Look into your heart, you know it to be true.
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>best boy
>Not this handsome blonde devil
Get cucked

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Scanlation thread.

What are you working on?
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Some more Inumaru Dashi and Bad Boys.
Wanna work on some scripts of Seigi Keikan Monju that I have but I never get the time to.
where is the CITY
you said there'd be CITY

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DFCfags and Cowtitsfags should be friends, not enemies.
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Why should I lower myself?
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We all need to try and get along.
I like both but I'll never understand why it's DFCfags that always start shit.

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Why do people like her?
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You just posted the 2 reasons why

And the crazy eyes
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I wonder
oppai da

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So, which was the better battle harem?
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Busou Shoujo, it had better girls.
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>busou shoujo had better girls

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Would have been MOTD.
Dragonball should have ended at the end of Z.

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>Got 1.9/5.0 rating from ex-employee

Yamakan was a good guy all along
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Most people who gets fired because their own stupidity will never admit that they're the ones to blame and instead they'll start bashing on their boss or whoever fired them.
Oh, right, you've never worked in your life so you wouldn't know.
I'd say something if I could actually read shit.
>muh reverse sexism
Boo hoo, boo hoo. Maybe he should have worked harder.

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So the Marleyans' plan is to kill all the people in the walls and take back the Founding Titan...Why didn't they just send in the beast titan and have him turn everyone in the walls into titans? He can control the titans he creates, so he could literally just take the entire civilization out alone.
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Because he has a limit to how many he can create.
>enter wall
>turn as many people as possible into titans
>titans eradicate every human in the region
It wasn't shown how does he turn people into titans, it might be it's something hard to do en masse. There's also the fact that, if they piss off King Reiss, he could also control the titans.
Anyway, he should have done more things, what was he exactly doing all these years while Reiner, Bert and Annie infiltrated the walls? Boning Pieck?

Haruhi did nothing wrong
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literally hitler
never watched her anime
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>you will never have a shy yet awesomely cool yuki gf

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No entry-level shit allowed.
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When are you going to stream again, Dezaki-kun?
But this is entry level
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Is Ooi going too far with the thiccness?
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More relevant shots.
This fucking mother.
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Child abuse
Link to the raws? I want to read them

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Post a better fight, you cant.

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As far as Naruto was concerned that whole arc was fucking kino.

That said, I liked Ichigo vs Byakuya part 3 more.


Well that was easy.

>he just casually tries to slash the sand with his kunai
What the fuck is wrong with lee

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Do you agree with her? Are these really undesired?
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Freckles are cute and there's nothing wrong with a petite body type
She is perfect
Chapter 2 when?

How often do you guys watch anime? If daily, how much per day?

I keep finding myself going through bursts where I watch a good show for a few weeks then don't watch anything for months. Do you have to force yourself to get through your backlog?
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>having a backlog
I do the same desu
Nice blog thread, janitor.

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