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>character is perfect for inserting your fetish in a manga
>never happens
any other examples?
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>pic related
Kinda like poop.
Why is she so perfect

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we are going to ignore the fact that he MASTURBATED on the passed out girl?
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Looks like caught at least most of it with his hand, actually
It's not like he money shoted on her you prude faggot

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Rumour has it that another long/well established anime studio has gone bankrupt but hasn't officially announced it yet because they still have a show that is currently airing.

Some are speculating that it may be Artland who are yet to finish Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai.
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>they still have a show that is currently airing.
Could be MAPPA too
MAPPA is hardly long established.
Which studio has an anime airing this season, doesn't have an anime airing in the next few seasons, and is well-established?

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This is a good manga
please don't bully her
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She deserves no bully

10 days left. Are you excited? Or do you think it will be shit?
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Either way I'll watch it, I won't pass up these lewd gyaru
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>tfw garbage harem gets adapted for no good reason over a 8/10 show
I want sketch-senpai
>that faggot uploading translations as ~five single page pdfs per post on a wordpress blog
Fucking gooks.

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JRA must be planning something
New PV
Think they'll capitalize on the other horse pussy anime coming out next week?

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Those are some terrible fucking screenshots.
ガヴリールが三人 !

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>the perfect waifu doesn't exis-
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Something wrong, anon?
>">the perfect waifu doesn't exis-" thread
>doesn't post Tomoyo
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usually laughing or smirking but sometimes doing other things too, but they aren't whores and your waifu specifically isn't a whore, but that other guy's waifu is a whore, let's all laugh at him, and they don't necesarily have to be smug it's more of a 'she sees your dick' kinda look but that's not a hard and fast rule either.

somehow makin' progress.
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I like this tomato better

Where did it all go so wrong?
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It become popular and you cant have that t. /a/
When Kishimoto drank his own kool aid and decided the Uchihas were so cool he'd make the entire story revolve around them. So basically everything from the rescue Sasuke arc onwards.

It seemed so promising during the Chuunin exam arc too. Tons of new characters being introduced with interesting and unique powers and they all got fucking benched so we could have the Uchiha Power Hour.
I always liked the supporting cast so it all went to shit after the timeskip when all of them but Shikamaru became completely irrelevant

What's the first thing you notice when you see this picture?
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Butt blisters
Lack of bulge.

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I want to believe
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Post pics of the /a/ meetup.
I don't have any but from what I hear the cgl meetup was some people slav squating and fucking around with fidget spinners
Kill yourself.

Can you stop doing this already, Japan? How many fucking anime have had this hand-stretched-towards-the-sky shot?
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I thought they all copied SG
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Naruto Sun Reach.jpg
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Chapter 14 is out lads
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who cares
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Thanks. Gotta love Marie.
>they still use shit raws despite releasing so late

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It's finally coming on BD. Are your bodies ready? Have you rewatched again yet? Have you preordered?
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have not rewatched since I saw it in the cinema
want the first rewatch to be proper 1080p quality goodness nahmean
I watched that shitty rip a couple months ago and felt bad about it. Looking forward to watching it the way Shinkai movies are meant to be
Have yet to watch it,can't wait to see how overrated it is.

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