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hey anon, I have a present for you
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Will it make me become a cute anime girl?
I immediately open it.
Don't know but it will definitely make you squeal like cute anime girl.

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We are getting an OVA and 2 hours worth of shorts if the sales keep up, right?
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Season 2 when?
let's not.

a movie and 2 or 3 OVA's will be enough. This perfect ending is too perfect. Just be happy with this.
Agreed. Second season would only ruin this masterpiece. Give us a movie instead or just shorts. Or, here we go, an OVA about the wedding. Yes please.

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why do we even let the catfag start the threads?
Great thread
Traps are gay
This is an indisputable fact

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Shark teeth best teeth?
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of course
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I like psychos.
Type in "shark toothed waifu" into a search engine and you'll see Omiko as the first result.

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>good animes that /a/ hates
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Death note
Pic not related.
Go away /v/

I'm so excited to celebrate my waifu's birthday with /a/!
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I'm going to fap to NTR of your waifu tomorrow!
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Mugi would never break someone's heart like that.

Is NTR ever justified?
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Only when it's a girl getting cheated on
Juri is a bitch, if she licked Shiori's puss long ago neither of them would have issues.

I'm about to leave for Anime Expo. Anything I should know to do there before I leave?
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This cancer is not /a/-related, normalfag. Fuck off back to wherever you came from, or else just kill yourself.
Kill yourself
/thread op go do it

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What happened between S1 and S2 of this show that it went from cute and innocent to softcore porn?
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>went from cute and innocent to softcore porn?
it was always softcore porn
But they never showed nipples in S1.
Wut? I thought the manga was almost porn anyway.

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>YFW Chio-chan no Tsūgakuro got announced for an anime adaption.
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welp still no hinamatsuri animo

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Do people only like this because it was one of the earliest manga to do something interesting?
It is too dated now.
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I watched the golden arc yesterday and i really liked it a LOT.

Should i watch the latest anime for continuation?
>do people only like this because it was one of the earliest manga to do something interesting?
I'm reading it for the first time right now. Just finished Conviction Just after the fight with Zodd at Godo's and I've gotta say...

The reason people love this is because it's so richly realized. The first arc is dark and gritty and more than a little edgy, but starting at the Golden Age and onward the whole series is filled with this amazing sense of scale. The escalation of actions, the passage of time, the growth of characters. It's all got an incredible sense of momentum, that the story is always in motion.

It's not only that, either. Every pivotal character, from Guts to Griffith to Zodd, and all the primary antagonist Apostles, they all have such complex characters. You see it in these threads all the time that "Griffith did nothing wrong," but even that is just an oversimplification of all the conflicting motivations of these characters. Characters like Rosine or Mozgus and his torturers, who can simultaneously be irredeemable villains, yet deeply sympathetic characters, because it was very human motivations that drove them to be what they are.

I've heard about The Boat, and Miura being an otaku piece of shit that basically abandoned the series for idolmaster, but where I am now in the manga, that hasn't set in yet. I was expecting, from both what I'd heard of the series and the beginning chapters, for this to just be BIG GUY WITH BIG SWORD BIG GUTS RIP AND TEAR and a dark fantasy world. I wasn't expecting this deepy, highly enriching story about ambition and revenge

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Was this the biggest what the fuck moment in anime history?
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Teresa's death from Claymore.
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Big O
well normies would say spikes death.
idk for me probably squealer's speech

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>Draw a girl
>Call it a boy

Why do they do this?
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That's a she though, already confirmed.
That's what a "trap" is, a girl who is actually a guy. Or the reverse, a guy who is actually a girl. It's a play on expectations, though played so much that it's commonplace and just another archetype.

Haganai took it to another level by playing on our expectations of a girl actually being a guy, when she really was a girl all along.

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Is she gonna kill herself?
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Chinatsu goes on to live a fun fulfilling life.
It doesn't look like she's having fun.
>implying MC wasn't banging her daily during his high school years

What the fuck happened to him? He just disappeared.
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I'm sorry what was that?
Can you repeat the title?
He ded
they just ran out of screentime or are saving it for some reveal in the future

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