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Say a nice thing about Hikaru.
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nice hair
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Say a nice thing about Kaifun.
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He made the right choice.

What do you think of my swimsuit, dad?
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Looks good on you, my son.
are jc the best?
>her face
>those shadows
>that dagger elbow

Jeez, that picture is a complete clusterfuck.

How did this happen?

No seriously, how the fuck did KanColle get cursed with a godawful anime adaptation?

ufotable's Touken Ranbu is going to wrecked these boat girls 10 times over and KanColle is going to be a second banana loser of a franchise in comparison to its counterpart despite being the ONE who started this shit.
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It is pretty embarrassing
I was gonna say it would be better if they took the approach of silly and serious as separate shows.

But it would be infuriating for both if they both had the shitty mary sue boat as the lead anyway.
At least Poi was cute.

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>generic sports manga
>writer leaves, artist takes over writing
>both the story and the artwork improve exponentially
>story proceeds to shit all over the clich├ęd plot threads from earlier and the whole thing goes in a far more unique direction
>edgy rival character that was introduced at the start isn't seen again until the very end when he is found frozen to death on K2 for being a dipshit

what other manga improved after a change in contributers?
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is that what happened?
Holy fuck, who knew the artist was such a fantastic storyteller?
what sport is this about?

I'll read it if isn't about boxing or martial arts
mountain climbing
it's so good that reading it made want to scale K2

This is your cat for now.
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What is it about emotionless girls that is so cute/hot?
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The time of the anime is finally upon us, /a/

Which couple are you looking forward to the most?
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Karate Senpai/Kouhai
Class Prez/Delinquent
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Trolldere and Patty.

But anime designs suck so much I don't know if I can stand watching it.

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You know what to do. Also, hard mode:
> No isekai.
> No Keitai
> No Lantern
> Make it a Science Fantasy setting.
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> Plot
In a world of Magicians and Formulists, magical energy can be utilized in multiple degrees. Our protagonist is sent to the first educational facility that combines both Magicians and Formulists as a way to possibly utilize both sides potential in a way that cooperation is needed. Our protagonist has his goal but many of the opposing sides are hostile with one another, both thinking each side is inferior than the other. It was not easy until things began to emerge for the worse, another country began to attack. Whose sole utilization is formulation with technology that use magical energy, it is far more advanced and more proficient firepower than magicians. The protagonist is drafted due to the dire need of soldiers and Formulists to somehow combat the enemy county's forces. From there, he will soon clash with the man who has the opposite goal as his.
> MC
MC is a Formulist that has no natural ability for magic. Aware of his inadequacies, his aim in life is to make great strides by giving those who don't have natural talent to use magical energy through Formulation. Using magical tools at his disposal, he can imitate many of the powers of magicians as if he were one.
> Villain
The first Formulist ruler of the enemy kingdom. His goal is simple, the removal of the role of magicians from the world. He sees no reason for inequality in the world and his goal as a great equalizer. Therefore, with his knowledge with formulation and kingdom will lead him to find a way to remove the role of magicians from the world.
> Energy System
Magical energy existed since the beginning, in the ethereal form that exists everywhere. Eventually, as people continued to be exposed to magical energy, people began naturally utilize it as their bodies could manipulate matter with their body as the conduit (fire can only be summoned only from the hand and vice versa). Of course, some cannot naturally utilize this phenomenon and went for non-magical lives or the alternative which most consider to be unnatural form to utilize magical energy and not consider to be a part of it, Formulation. Instead of utilizing magical power naturally through the body like most people, Formulists utilize various methods to utilize magical energy in the such a way that most consider attempting to imitate magic (often through tools). It is also a science, but many magicians consider their own abilities to be the only form of practical application, therefore, many don't wish to learn and only reliant on their own talents. Many Formulists are considered scientists in their own regard, making revolutionary strides within the world of magic. Downside to magical energy is the fact that it affects the environment and the more condensed areas of magical energy is, the more visible it will be. Many landscapes and it's inhabitants were exposed to magical energy, eventually adapting themselves to be stronger or even utilize magic to some degree. The lack of the innate ability to utilize magical energy can be explained. It is hereditary or a mutation that acts regressive in regards to the inability to do magic.
Repost from last night.
Too hard, because no isekai?

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ITT: Moments that saved anime and manga
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Whats is your opinion on Kotoura-san?
I just watched the first episode and it seems interesting.
But also pretty generic for a drama anime:
>Innocent girl gets treated like shit all the time until she meets that special guy who suddenly brings sunshine into her dark word,
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Good first episode, meh series.
It goes downhill very fast, it could have been great but its shit.
good meme.

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A love story isn't supposed to make it's viewer angry.
>Nisenisekoi is canon
no that would have to be the romance between me and my mother as written in my diary

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Were they lovers?
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Of course
Confirmed gay couples in LotGH:
Reinhard x Kircheis
Reunthal x Mittermeyer
Julian x Yang

Confirmed Royal Butt-boy:
There is nothing gay about male friendship you fucking imbecile

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shit just like dess.png
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Word cloud from livestream thread.
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What's with all the earthquake warnings obscuring my geahs?
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>nazis mean Symphogear

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Stop calling me fatty!
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Don't worry, I'm sure you'll work off that baby fat after you give birth to my child.

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Synonym of boredom, ladies and gents
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fucking summer
Sora no Woto is Haibane Renmei done right.
not summer, but HR is worthess piece of boring crap with no value other than hurr durr muh mystery and memory

Hate it.

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i could barely finish season 3 do i need to watch season 4 to understand all of this movie or can i watch it with no problems?
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TD is far better than Futari, but not as fun as the first two seasons.

But it's irrelevant for the movie, so if you really want to, you can skip it.
i said that because i saw that "black" sheryl in the movie from season 2 so i was asking if more of her is in season 4
I dropped season 4 after about four episodes. The movie only has very brief references to season 3 and 4 in the credits.


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