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>All the lolis have boobs and know about sex now
What happened to the Paradise of Innocence?
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Tokyo Olympics happened.
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that manchild turned them all into sluts

ITT scenes which got you pregnant
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But I'm a dude. I'm supposed to be the one impregnating females.
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Not today.

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This is the saddest anime death of all time. Prove me wrong
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Sure thing boss
How old are you?

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After a long day would you accept the home cooking and bath prepared by this Homu?
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Only if I'm Sayaka
Yes, but Homura is a strong, independent girl who doesn't need a man.

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Why not just kill criminals OUTSIDE his country? No way he would have been traced.
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>get death note
>spend 5 years learning swahili fluently
>die of a heart attack before you're done
truly a cinematic masterpiece
I was just thinking about ways to avoid and while that seems like an easy answer for someone as smart as L that's one of the first things they can look for.

What IP address looked up the following names.

And while you would have a lot of crossover from names within a country, if you have someone in japan looking up people like kushner, mathis, pence, ivanka, and such all on one ip address that's a major red flag.
He's monolingual

It's Saturday, and yet again time to party all night with your fellow /a/nons!
Post gif/webm of dancing anime grills

Come listen to EDM tunes and anime remixes straight from Japan, mixed live by our best DJs!
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Mou ikkai
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What does /a/ think of Gunslinger Girl?
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first season is okay, second season is an abortion, the manga is fantastic.

the best thing about the anime is the opening by KOKIA and Triela's theme from the soundtrack
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I haven't watched the anime but the manga is great, especially for how down-to-earth it considering the premise. I think it peaked with Pinocchio and Triela's backstory chapters but I loved it to the very end Aside from Triela's daughter shilling on Kickstarter, I didn't even mind Petra but she definitely stole a lot of panel time from the other girls.
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>it considering
*it is considering
Just an excuse to post more Triela

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Which one would you?
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I choose Raditz.

If I get time before my landing on Earth I first try and find out how to hide my power level. I then attempt to make my back tingle to see if I can go super saiyan yet. While on Earth instead of making a beeline for Goku I go to Capsule Corp HQ and find the Dragon Radar, I then gather the balls as fast as I can and when I have them, I wish for immortality.

(At this point nobody (Except Kami, probably) knows I am on Earth)

I make sure to fucking carpet bomb an area of around a 20 mile radius around the area I will summon the dragon to prevent any sudden interference.

Upon getting my immortality I continually shoot myself through the chest and abuse Zenkai to it's limits.

I then defect to the side of Earth and tell them about intergalactic super evils that they don't really have to care about, I then attempt to teach Goku how to tingle himself into super saiyan.

I guess I also get gravity training and just try and get strong enough to defeat Dabura to prevent Badabi and Buu from fucking everything up
uh...why did you make your plan more convoluted than it had to be

Why not join the good guys first and then just use the dragonballs?
Because no true good guy in Dragon Ball would want to wish for immortality, I feel like If I tried that they might just say no to be on the premise.

Literally only evil people in this series want Immortality.

Also the chance I would be trusted is real fucking low anyway so might as well just do the immortality thing first. Also if I spend too long on Earth trying to gain their trust Vegeta and Nappa would notice and probably come check the situation out.

Show me anime with good main characters.
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Like this guy.
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the two of them
>Eyes go red and he gets a bit stronger
God he was fucking annoying

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why do manga translations include swearing?
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Despite what some japanophiles may try to tell you, the japanese do swear.
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>he still uses translations
learn japanese. It's the best thing I've done and no longer am I constrained by translations.
In some cases it's because in Japanese you can speak in a very crude manner without explicitly swearing, and that can be really difficult to translate so it's a lot easier to show the crude language through excessive swearing seeing as it's kinda the same thing

Just got my BD of this.

Geass thread time
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You spent money on that trash?
The fuck?
What the fuck are they doing with Season 3? How do you continue after you kill your main character off?
By bringing him back from the dead, duh.

ITT: MCs who are alpha as fuck.
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File: MeetMomokaBestMC.webm (3MB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keijo was a fun and interesting anime
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I would like more ass oriented anime.
Just Xebec things.

>best sports anime
>best space opera
Yamato 2199
>best mecha bar none
>best ecchi
Love-ru darkness

Tits, asses and mechs. The people who work at Xebec are by far the most respectable individuals in the industry and have been for ages. If this studio ever dies then anime does as well, at least to me. Still blows my mind how something as into the the face as Love-Ru can be legitimately funny, Xebec outdoes itself with every project they take serious and if they want to accumulate funds they make shit like Clockwork Planet or help out on Love Hina, just so that they have more time to spend on their true love child: Fafner. Their upcoming version of Full Metal Panic will probably be revolutionary to say the least.
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animated never

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This is the most iconic battle in Anime & Manga history, isn't it.
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Raoh vs Kenshiro
Goku vs Freeza
Joe vs Rikishi
Asuka vs MP Evas
Gaara vs Rock Lee was more iconic

Why did they make such an edgy and unoriginal character?
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same reason you made this thread
Out of boredom?
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Kacchan is the deconstruction of Vegeta.

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