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stupid beautiful emt.jpg
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the one that was raped to death
The ones that aren't in shitty rape hentai.
So the ones that don't exist.

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Characters that did absolutely nothing wrong in their respected series.
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He trusted ningens, he was a fool
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Left or right?
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Me on the left

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Post/make some grids of your favorite animu
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Also, please god, spare this thread of that dumb Narutoposter.
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What's she saying /a/ ?
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Garlic bread
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Anzu butt rub.png
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That she really needs to shit, prairie-dogging pretty bad.

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heaven .jpg
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How can happiness be found when you're part of a shit show?
Congrats, you discovered cute anime girls.
Fuck you lovelive is the meaning of happiness

t. zero appreciation for quality character development

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So I just marathoned all the Berserk animes and am wondering why this guy is considered a villain? He did nothing wrong
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:shakes head mournfully:
you seem like a trustworthy fellow OP

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There needs to be a lot more anime like Sora no Woto
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except without the copy-paste generic characters.
More original anime in general should be good.
Sora no Woto is Haibane Renmei done right.

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>Energy system (your nen)
>MC (story and powers)
>Antagonist (story and powers)
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Title: If I don't get a gf right now I will kill a lot of people!

Because of Japan's decreasing birth rate, a ship full of foreign men are bused over. Unbeknownst to the Japs, every one of the men who volunteered is a wee/a/boo. Many Hapas are birthed, who grow up fucked up and black piled due to their shitty pussy fathers and bitchy bitter moms. One of these boys, Elliot Rodger-kun, grows up hating the hapas who look more white than Asian and are taking all the jap pussy for themselves. His special ability is a proficiency in gun wielding, which he honed on American college campuses. His enemy is Chad thundercock, who of the white looking hapas is the most white and tall. His father was the only one who wasn't a beta bitch and set chad a great example as a father figure. It's now up to Rodger-kun to kill Chad and break up his harem so that him and some of the other hapas don't kill themselves out of desperation for love.
Japanese pacifist MC is transported into a Xianxia world where everyone is a hot-blooded violent murderhobo trying to overthrow the gods. Can the MC achieve immortality without killing a single person?

Energy: naturally qi enemy
MC: technical pacifist who inserts tropes like "defeat means friendship" "power of friendship" "sparing the enemy" to a world where "dog eat dog" is in full effect
Rival (antagonist is technically the world itself): Typical Xianxia MCs with all the OP bells and whistles they start off on friendly terms but will often butt heads when they want to kill their enemies but the MC doesn't want to.
An average high school boy transfers to a new school on the recommendation of its principle. Unbeknownst to him, this school is for the strongest warriors in the world to train and grow stronger. The boy is confused why an average boy like him was recommended to go to such a place. It turns out his mother and father were students there, and were the two strongest there at the time. Because of this, the boy is believed to have a hidden power within him. Can he awaken to his true power, or will he fall victim to the superpowered students of this school.

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Daily reminder to hug your loli.
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Daily reminder to fug your loli.
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loli sluts.png
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JCs are cooler than lolis

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I just cried for half an hour over Merry's death. That's how you know when fiction is well made, you start feeling for and with the characters. And I don't even particularly like One Piece.
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>crying over anime
autism, grow up kiddo
I get what you mean, on the last episode of little witch I was giggling jumping around shouting "You can do it!". Throwing my hands in the air making explosion sounds that matched with what was going on on screen, pausing every 5 seconds so I can rewatch an explosion or cool thing and get to make the sounds and hand motions along with it again, and again,, and again. When the missile was flying through the air I was gasping and worried and when it dodged the missiles I lost my shit and shouted "no fucking way!" At the top of my lungs. Anime can bring you so much joy and sadness sometimes.
saddest death in the series

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What would JFK's favorite anime have been?

I kinda think he would've liked Monogatari.
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probably some futa loli shit

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This is a Japanese zombie.
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Reminds me of that image with the cute girl cutting her wrist into the mixing bowl.
I want to fug her

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muh sister
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muh kasa

>muh ehren

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So I heard you guys like Rem?
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square-cube law
This is why Subaru loves Emillia

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