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yeah at least the best of UC.
Is Zeta shitposting the most significant /m/ cultural export?

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So what is Japan trying to tell us with the Spring season finale?
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They're just trying to fix their birthrate and avoid importing third world muslims like Europe


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ITT we post those who did nothing wrong
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Why does Goku tolerate Vegeta?
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Because Goku is kind of nice and he likes strong guys. (no homo)
They are secretly lovers
Vegeta's tenuous partnership with the good guys in the Namek saga was one of my favorite parts of DBZ.

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Am I the only one who can't stop saving Shiburin images? They're just so aesthetically pleasing to look at.
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I want to be Rin so I can experience what its like to be perv'd on.
I always mistake her for Mio Akiyama.
I've never even seen this anime but I love her and have a huge folder of her.

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New volume out
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Best boys
I'm still amazed they just ended the series half-way through an arc.
It seems so unusual that it has to be a joke.
they had caught up with the manga so theres prolly gonna be a pause till there is more to adapt

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I hope you've already started saving your semen for when this girl returns.
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yeah, I sure have haha
What were you thinking when you typed this shitty thread and pressed submit? What was your goal, what are you trying to accopmlish?
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Not OP but, a thread about Kabaneri/Mumei, i suppose. How can that be difficult to get, anon?

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What is going on in this image? How did Ray notice?
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The flowers in the lantern are the same flowers that were around whatsherface that died in the very first chapter. Also I'm guessing he probably realized when she grabbed his hand. She was keeping it under her cloak but it probably still felt all gross and demon-y.
the author could have worked this in a better way
New chapter out already?

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Middle School Idols is getting a mobage.
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No one knows about them here
For Christ sake, they haven't even gotten a mobage yet?

>bought the volume thinking it was a manga with cute art, turns out it was a fucking light novel

I give this a year before the server dies.

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post THAT track /a/

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A must have:

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>Anime Girls who are still cute after losing their virginity
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>The freckles were fake
>Her plain looking was a lie

I feel betrayed /a/.
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>The freckles were fake
What? I don't believe you.
Are we not getting a second chapter or something?
I dropped it because the manga is monthly and it's all about the LN translations, and I don't like LNs

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>draw a girl
>call it a boy
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Pitou is a girl.
You know at first I thought it may be a girl, but once it was confirmed boy I can see how its a boy.
>Draw a catgirl
>Call it an ant

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Is it good? Usually I read rather comics than mangas.
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Why read comics? You are reading literal fanfiction on some other faggots interpretation
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It is a fun read.
maybe the manga is better? the first season of the anime was a borefest, same with the first half of the second season, only one good fight.

After having to face reality once again, i ended up depressed and envying everyone who has a romantic relationship, as i'm as autistic as hachiman and waifu-types don't exist in 3D.

Why don't more anime focus on adult lives or the shitty reality of people's relationships? So far i only know of Genshiken as a college anime, and it's literally no different from a generic highschool otaku club. One would imagine the japanese would receive well shows that give light to their actually shitty environments, but all they do is fun highschool shit. Why do they view with rose tinted glasses the shittest years of their lives?

tl;dr why aren't there more adult life anime?
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Why do people come into anime and demand it to change to their demands?
Get into books you idiot.
No one wants to watch an anime about your pathetic loser life.
People mainly watch anime/read LN's,manga as a form of escapism. A lot of people don't like to be reminded about real life issues when they watch stuff like this due to various reasons. It's not just in japan. I heard that there was a show on netflix that's geting a lot of hate for covering real life issues. I think it was called 13 reasons why or something. I personally don't give a fuck about stuff like that and wouldn't mind watching something different for a change.

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