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Has CR already lost the war? What the fuck happened?

Will this be a good thing or a bad thing?
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At least do your research before making shitpost images
Are they doing simulcasts now?
Last I checked they waited like months after it aired in Japan.

Has someone been able to break their DRM yet?
It is being streamed on amazon as well.

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What could Haruhi be giving to Kyon?
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Her virginity.
Can you just pack it up into a little box like that?

the best grill is back
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also that nerd is embracing the cross dressing too
Praise the one true best girl!
>girl named botan
>ever winning


Coming 2018.
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Incomming masterpiece
Reasons to live in 2018=this

>Horse girls
Horse pussy meme
Looks like another generic mobage adaptation we get every season.
Too bad, the other PV seemed more promising.

Gyarus are a miracle of the universe.
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Miracle or not you do not waste perfectly good rice. That's the one thing you shouldn't do.
>top tier fetish in anime
>absolutely fucking disgusting in real life
explain this weebs

What's /a/'s opinion about sangatsu no lion?
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Good manga, shit anime.
The manga is fantastic. Anime is decent. I'm still butt-mad that they hadn't used "Only Lonely Glory" by BUMP OF CHICKEN as an insert song.

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This is how Chuu2 should have ended.
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What emotion is Shinka's expression conveying?
>I should've removed my hairclip

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It's another week of Normal Punch.

Because I have nothing better to do I'll be dumping chapters 57 and 58. Get in here if you feel like it.
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Why do you taunt me so?
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Almost forgot this cute yuri show
The OP was pretty nice

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Hino, Rei
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Mars > Venus > Jupiter > Mercury > Moon

This is a fact.
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sailor mars 2.gif
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black hair is best hair

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Which Bahamut would be the best fuck?
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>Perfect body
>Moderate breasts
>Cute personality
>Pure and innocent
>Strong and intelligent
>Loyal to one man
Lisha-sama is truly perfect.
degenerate trash
into the dump she goes
True. Anal with her would be really enjoyable.

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>Background art looks worse
>Some shots look really close to the KyoAni art style others don't and look more 'modern'/flat.
>Arm Slaves look the best they've ever been. Just insane amount of detail.
>Coloring is closer to Argevollen. Kurtz hair is almost a neon yellowish.
>The character art level generally looks between Gonzo and KyoAni level. Some shots such as Tessa and Mardukas on the sub looked great.
>We didn't see any 'sakuga' moments (something with a lot of motion in it), so I can't say anything about the actual character animation.
>Backgrounds were kind of disappointing as there was a lot of CGI in them. There was a shot of a hangar siren going off and a city explosion.
>Colorwise it's more colorful than I expected. It's definitely along the lines of Keijo and Argevollen.
>You can tell Xebec is dumping all their resources onto the mechanical side. The decision to animate Arbalest's eyes make a huge difference.
>Pure hypothesis but they might still be working on the backgrounds and they're just not done.
>They had a shot of the TDD moving forward towards the camera and it onviously looked better than the Gonzo/KyoAni version but still CGI.
>Photography-wise I'm not sure Takashi Aoki is director of photography. It didn't really look like him. We didn't see any UI stuff either.
>There are worrying points such as lighting and background art.
>I will say this,the characters look near identical to the KyoAni designs although updated a bit.I initially thought they played old footage.
>Gatoh also promised no expositionary episodes and that the new series will be "full throttle from the beginning".
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Oh shit, I forgot about this. How long ago did they first announce it, again?
Even if it's shit i will still watch it.
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Are the mechs CGI?

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This character is boobs.
He is a male but later on the story becomes boobs

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Haifuri thread
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evil hamsters where dumb
Kouko a best.
>take show
>add in cool political conspiracies
>add in nice naval combat
>set a semi-serious tone but still have cute girls or something
>all of a sudden

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The slut got the cover.
Raws when?
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Even Stalker-chan is on the cover, suffering like always.
For some reason her dead eyes look less funny in color.
Poor stalker-chan

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