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You will never be mates with this dork of a witch.

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I would mate with this dork of a witch.
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I'd rather a hillbilly

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What have you been reading? What have you got on your backlog?
What's got you hyped up this week?

I've just started Boku-tachi ga Yarimashita (pic related) and it's shaping up to be pretty great like Cigutera or Wanitokagegisu or some psychological shit like that.
I've got Boys on the run on my backlog for a long time now it too looks rather similar with the wimpy MC.
To You the Immortal's got me really hooked Its got great art and is also great at constantly getting you in the feels. I hope Oiima Yoshitoki goes for a fucking crazy ending rather than the subdued almost nothing happened sort of one she gave Koe no Katachi.
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I bought a couple things that looked amusing. The first is Kuma Robo, which is some comedy about a girl that controls a robo bear suit. The other seems to be about a girl who dies and is resurrected by God as a super hero in order to stop a comet from hitting Earth. The comet is apparently Satan. Otherwise, I scanned the first volume of the English print of Swans in Space, by Yamamoto Lun Lun.

>Boys on the run on
Good series but you are fucked if you only have english scans to rely on, the group who worked on it was last active 2 years ago, they stopped close to the ending, on an infuriating part that shits all over the protagonist. The series has a satisfying ending but people who can't read japanese were left behind.
New scanlations never.

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It ain't easy.
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What the fuck do you mean nobody could top that?
what is this from? Please stop answering "muh reverse search", because it doesn't reafhr

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So tell us, what Servant do you summon? What is your strategy?
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assassin kerry

kill masters
william pierce as a caster. he's able to summon a single historical person from history if they're white and his other skill is manipulating white soldiers to fight for the ayran race. his noble phantasm is able to summon the collective force of the white race and is anti-world class

fuck off to wherever you came from.

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What's your favorite Haruhi episode, /a/?
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Tie between Someday in the Rain and pic related.
Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, easy.
Live A Live

That moment with Haruhi and Lyon at the end is great.

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The raws for the third part are out here:
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And it isn't the last one yet.
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I'm rewatching this.
I can't believe how much I hate her. Worst girl gets the best VA, best openings and arguably the best arcs.
Do you dislike Nadeko as much as I do?
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That's a wrong picture, anon
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What do you mean?
Nadeko is best girl though.

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As an adolescent, you can't imagine relationships properly. All you have to fantasize about is physical appearance.

Personalities are too hard to understand, so you just picture someone exotic and beautiful, not really saying much or doing anything other than what you want.

This phase might last quite a while (maybe as long as seven episodes).
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When you do start to interact with grills, it turns out to be much more complicated than you could ever have imagined.

There may be affection, but there's baggage and personality flaws, conditions and compromises. Nothing goes smoothly, and nothing is simple.
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Meanwhile, everyone tells you that there is one true love for you. If you look hard enough you can find a soulmate so well matched for you that you'll become one.

Everyone expects you to find this person and marry them. Everyone memes you that it'll be perfect.
Reddit spacing the thread

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Yurika on the last page
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Stupid sexy cosplayer
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>"B-b-but it's just some boy screaming all alone at a train!"

No shit you dumb sluts but let me tell you why this is fucking art. Tsuki Ga Kirei, most will tell you, is a quiter anime than most. There's no "NANIIII?!!?" or shrieking over comedy hijinks. Characters speak normal and softly, our two main characters even more than others. The entire premise is these two introverted kids stumbling through life and into romance, not sure what the fuck they're really doing. At most they'll mumble some encouragements to each other, at worst sit beside each other in silence. Of course they open to one another over the course of the series, but it's all still little steps forward, like poking your toe into a river to check the temperature.

So then the ending happens. It's over. He's already missed his chance, the train is gone, his first love shooting off to someplace without even a goodbye. But he doesn't give up. Instead he runs his ass off to some stupid outlook next to where the train passes by, and to do what?

To fucking SCREAM. This introverted quiet young boy, who had spent the past 12 episodes slowly putting one foot forward in front of the other, mumbling his way through a relationship, standing in silence confused when the girl he loved cried, suddenly just shouts at the top of his lungs.

That was the change right there. He was no longer that confused timid boy, unsure of what love or growing up was. He had become a man, and he was going to chase the girl he loved to the ends of the earth and time itself.

Fuck it I'm crying again fuck you people. I just finished this anime and had to type something out.
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Chinatsu still has a chance!
It was brief, it was sweet, I liked it!

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Is he a good man?
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he is the only real man created in God's image and so sharing God's will

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Why hasn't there been one good deconstruction of battle shounen manga yet?
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you can't have battles if everyone is talking all the time
Medaka Box comes to mind

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Did Light deserve to win?
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>if we kill them we are just as bad! xD: the series

Awful ending, Light made the world a better place.
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He deserved the ending he got. Shame the anime didn't adapt the manga version more faithfully. Light was just a vain narcissist with a dogmatic view of justice
*glowing eyes intensifies*

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>pesky patriarchal societal demands

I.. just...
I know that dubs are generally pretty horrible but THIS?
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thats nothing
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>watching dubbed anime
>on youtube
Fuck off.

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Is Akiyama the only legitimate genius MC in manga, since a mangaka cant write a character smarter than they are they usually just dumb everyone else down so that the MC looks like a genius by comparison, Lelouch and Light being the most well known example.
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No. Read more manga.
happen to know any manga that have intelligent MCs?
Master Keaton

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