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You've been given a billion dollars but with the caveat that you can only spend it on anime production.

Which series would you adapt? Which original ideas would you help come to fruition?
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Fate/Hollow Ataraxia anime + caster route
Berserk adaptation in OVAs by madhouse.
Mai-chan's Daily Life 60fps with photorealism for the juicier parts.

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No. by the way kid, interested in a duct tape deathmatch?
bring it
Why didn't Bunta put an LS in his amazing driftmobile? It's a clearly superior engine, same weight but more power and wide-ass powerband. And it isn't essentially a bike engine, so it's a lot more streetable and reliable too, important for a daily driver.
And don't tell me it didn't exist, there was a 350Z in the show.

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>official Unmarked released today
for anyone who cares. It's better than Plat at any rate.
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Any big mistakes in the Yen Press version?
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My Wives Swim2 and Nokko-chan are so cute.
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You'd have to ask a real moonanon for a proper cross-examination but this is a comparison of YP with both Plat and the /a/ re-TL.

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Who is the best tank commander and why is it america-chan?
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Can into tactics, able to maintain discipline among squads, very patient and can actually communicate effectively with her subordinates unlike, say, Maho. Her approach is conservative and kind of boring but effective.
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>that straw
I want to replace it with my dick.
Who's the best background panzer and why is it Rosehip

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Which Hidden Village is the strongest in terms of kage and general ninja aptitude?
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Is this some sort of joke question?
You did better this time, but I still don't feel like talking about this subject.
Konoha no question.

why are nee-sans so much better than shitty imoutos
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because they are way better looking and a lot nicer.
Older sister = more maturity. Typically sexier.

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>he can't appreciate Eromanga Sensei, the best anime of the season
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Episode 11 was the finest I've seen on this medium.
It was kino
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Fixed for smoother looping. It wasn't hanging like that on one frame in MPC, dammit.

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Murata's still streaming!

Quick rundown for the next chapter
>WDM beats Garou up
>X makes him fuck off from there until he meets King and Saitama
>tries to interrupt them
>gets BTFO by Saitama for a second time
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He ain't waking up anytime soon
new one-hurricane doujin? when, at the summer comiket?
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only best girl in this thread
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Venus > Jupiter > Moon > Mercury >>>>> Mars
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Mars > Venus > Jupiter > Mercury > Moon

Get it right for once, faglords.
everything > jupiter

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What are your honest thoughts on panty shots in anime at this point?
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I like them
I like them
Love them but wished KyoAni did them since they get very detailed about things.
I bet if they did panty shots you would be able to see the fabric texture in them.

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Have you forgotten me, /a/? Do you still love me?
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I never liked you.
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Of course!

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Why the other girls encouraged Yoshiko to keep doing her dumb chuuni stuff when she was finally ready to move on?
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Because they want her to just be herself bro.
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Yahoo— sorry I kept you waiting~ This video you mentioned, it’s meant to hype people up or something? We’re shooting in this classroom, right?

I’m entrusting my body and heart to you today, so make onee-san look pretty, OK?
Love Live ruins lives

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Who do you prefer, Illya or Kuro?
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You shouldn't separate good friends like that.
Shame on you, OP.
Illya for pure, passionate vanilla sex in the missionary position

Kuro for hardcore rapelike fucking in the doggy style position
Kuro on my dick, Illya on my face.

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There is serious lack of thread for AOTY.
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episode 10 was pretty great desu
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AOTY is eromanga sensei ya idiot

1 page thread
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Doke doke dokee

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