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Stupid Asians, how can a thread be red if its invisible?

Also, whats with all the anime based on whacky solutions to Japans birth problem? forcing 16 year olds into marriage with people they never met before? what is this, the 16th century?
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>what is this, the 16th century?
Please kill yourself.
>what is this, the 16th century?
It's fiction
keikaku dohri

I knew it will bait someone. you guys are too easy.

Supposing he was not born quirkless, what would be his quirk? The quirks of the parents do not really fit together.

Mother - To draw nearby objects to her side
Father - Breathes fire
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Fire lasso

Liu-kang fire dragon or bunny. Not very OP but good enough for class A.
He would attract fire to his mouth, Natsu style.

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She's going to prison right?
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No she is not Carl she is a cartoon character.She is not real Carl why are you doing this to yourself?
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No, she has redeemed herself at the right moment.
for being cute

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One day, I will show them.
I'll show all of them Ufotable's Touhou project.
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I will show them everything about it.
Prepare, everyone.
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firo smile and optimism.png
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Normally i don't start threads like these by myself but.Apparently Crunchyroll got the rights to stream Rising of the Shield Hero and A place further than the universe. And apparently they're "coming soon" for whatever that is worth.


I don't usually care about such things. But what does /a/ think of this? to all shieldbros out there, what's your opinion on this? also pic unrelated.
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its good
much better than netfecesx or amashit getting it
You mean like most any show?
It means very little and the subs will get ripped regularly as usual.
What's so bad about netflix or amazon getting it?

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Personally for each specific anime, I've got certain requirements before I can watch it.

Here are some examples:

>Cowboy Bebop
It has to be late, 9-12pm. I get a whisky glass and fill it with energy drinks that look like alcohol and put some ice cubes in it.
Again it has to be about 9-12pm. My parents have to be in the living room and my lights have to be on. I eat a hot chilli pot noodle and I'll fill a glass of water to near the brim before I begin eating. I don't actually drink the water because I'm not a pussy.
>One Piece
I have to watch it when I'm eating a texas bbq pizza with a side order of chicken pops.
I have to watch it while eating a Sticky Rib pot noodle after coming in from a morning run.

I think part of it is because if you only eat a certain food while watching an anime, you get a mental connection between the flavours and the memories/experiences that anime has brought you. It's kinda cool.
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how autistic are to actually have any other requirement than time; also move out already and get a job !
Assuming he hasn't, why should he?
maybe I'm too much of an normie or not just a cheapskate but I want to live my own live on my own feet expirience life; make mistakes and learn from them

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This is Aoyama-san. She is here to give you advice on anything that has been bothering you recently.
Please don't be afraid to ask.
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I'm a virgin could you help me with that?
Why is my wife Chino so cute?
You lack self-esteem

Find a flaw.
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The fat gyaru slut that is in front of my wife Ojou.
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Not pregnant with my child (yet).
Too fat

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Never understood Why one piece was ever bigger than Naruto the story was " IS " just one big carrot on a stick untill it starts to lose fans then they will end it

Wasted so much fucking hrs on this dog shit
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Learn English, retard.
One Piece is consistently good, while Naruto was filled with hundred of filler episodes. Naruto Ship went down hill after the Pain arc
Naruto just lost it's fans and was ended first

ITT We pinpoint the EXACT moment you fell in love with your waifu. If you love her you should have the screenshot saved.

Pic related. She captured my heart in this scene.
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This is the moment when I fell in love with my current waifu and abandoned the previous one.
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File: Smile.gif (68KB, 500x281px)Image search: [Google]
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4.44 to be released 10/18
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they gonna fuck it up

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I remember there was some amazing hype for this when it was announced, with constant threads for over a year, even with next to nothing to discuss.

What happened?
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Its bad.
The watered down art style alone should have tipped people off.
Boring shit feeling nothing like the original

So cunts who wittnessed first ep, is it any good?
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'They' say
>The visual is good
>The story is meh
>Another Kyoukai no Kanata tier anime
According to ANN
>easily the most visually impressive TV episode KyoAni has ever produced, indistinguishable from their feature film work in ways that might seem impossible to sustain for a full cour of animation

All feedback on twitter and people who watched is greatly positive - both for visuals and story, telling direction was best Ishidate and very impressive.

Pretty much Magnum Opus confirmed if KyoAni can sustain such quality for rest of show - which, given how much time they take to produce it, could be possible.
>The story is meh
Kill yourself. The story is the best part of it.

>see this constantly recommended
>top comedies of all time
>watch it dubbed because comedy usually works better localized and Cromartie's dub was fucking great
>don't laugh once
I don't get it. Why is this considered so hilarious? Did I make a mistake watching it dubbed or is it just not that funny?
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>Watching dubbed anime ever
>Not reading the LN
Did the LN ever get translated? I looked right after the anime finished but I couldnt only find 1 volume I think
This board has both a Naruto thread and a SAO thread. Don't act for a fucking second like it's too good for me.

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