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Is Vivio bigger than her mothers?
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I have her 1/7th scale and she looks huge, I think she's supposed to be taller but there's no official height and the animation is kinda inconsistent.
Nanoha is taller
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Is Vivio cuter than her mothers?

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Glenn is the best MC of the season
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Yuri spin-off when?
Crazy maid is best girl
>implying Glenn and Rumia aren't fucking off screen

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face of a loser.jpg
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>I did nothing wrong!
>I waited longer!
>I suffered the most!

Remind me why people like Eriri again.
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Utaha a shit.
Eriri a shit.
Megumi is feces.

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What is she dreaming?
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dreaming of food
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Magane pads her chest.

It happened again
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Link or bust.

read it and weep

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Do you guys like Boku no Hero?
I love it, I think it's one of the first anime in a long time that's an epic.

I loved the character development and the situations Midoryia was put through and how he gains confidence through each of them.

Who're your favorite characters?
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Stop being an underage spic
>I loved the character development and the situations Midoryia
All he does is feel sorry for himself, that's all almost any of them do.
But then he's motivated.
You could argue the same for Evangilon, and it's even worse there.

I think it's just progress.

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>Episode 8: 風を操りし者 – Kaze o Ayatsurishi Mono
(The One Who Commands the Wind)
>Due to Hanoi's program, Zaizen Aoi is now in a comatose state. Feeling responsible for this, Yusaku tries to investigate the cause of this. However, Blue Angel then appears on the city's monitors, and challenges Playmaker to a rematch!
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I don't even know how you faggots care so much about a VA. She is shit, ugly as fuck and completely uredeemable and I would hate so fucking much if people kept posting hot pics of her in this thread. Right here. Right now.
I demand 藤木 遊作 女体化 pics
Oh shit, Blue Angel with no clothes on!

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Precure thread
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I would pledge my allegiance to Mirage, even if it meant disappearing after one episode.
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Is this a real thing or a legend?

These things are actually notebooks.

The pages are shaped like discs.

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ITT - smiles that /a/ failed to protect
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smile obliterated.png
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Put on your suut.
We're going slime hunting.
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How about we put off Frenda bullying for a while? She got her days numbered.
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Alright. Then post more Mikoto.
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>MODS-kun doesn't ban me
I'm sad indeed.
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I want to fuck a catboy
cmon anon,
when's the next chapter comin, I just binged the anime and read through all of arc 4 and the three arc 5 chapters as well as all the IF and non-canon chapters in 4 days, I've barely slept.
I'm suffering from major withdrawal hit me up my man

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It's Wakaba's birthday, say something nice about her! NO BULLY!

Also, one Kusunoki Mebuki character profile was revealed.
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I want to marry Bakaba
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From a TL anon:
'Kokudo Aya
Height - 147 cm
Age - 12 years old
Blood type - A
Hobby - housecleaning
Favorite food - udon
Important thing - friends'
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Fuck, why is it so late? It's seriously 9pm? I could be masturbating and going to bed, but here I am. WSJD time.

Here's a shitty new WSJ manga. I want to blow my brains out even just skimming through this. It's Cross Account by Tsunehiro Date

Other manga in this thread:
Shudan! <-- Also new! Way better!
Shokugeki no Souma
The Promised Neverland
We Never Learn
Doctor Stone
Robot x Laserbeam

DDL: http://www68.zippyshare.com/v/FpzYytDF/file.html
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>we want the Kimi no Na Wa audience

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Post japanese animals
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Japanese chicks
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japanese penguins

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