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>creates a very well developed and a unique villian
>makes him into a typical edgelord character like in %90 of the shonen series
>haha le humans so interesting le 3rd person view on humans even though he is a human as well
Why is Togashi such a hack?
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>Paris "The Rat" Hilton
>Kurono Loosey Fear
>Prince "Jesus" Bateman

name my band

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>After becoming friends with Yurio, they cheer each other from the sidelines. Even after his own performance he is seen warmly applauding.

Fairy confirmed as Bike's rabu and raifu

have both the guidebook and fanbook, taking requests for pics, my moon is shit though
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forgot the title is 'passionate love for victory and frienship'
Is there actual knew info about main three or Bike?
Can you post interview with skaters?

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If Yoshinari announced LWA S2, but hes not directing it anymore for obvious reasons...
Who you gonna choose to direct LWA S2 ??
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Im gonna make Diana get fucked with a tentacle cock for 25 episodes straight
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Ochinchin Dekoku

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Annie is the best
Name one reason why she isn't the best waifu in snk
(Pro Tip: You cant) :^)
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I wanna continue the oldfag discussion. So since Armin is narrating the anime is he the last of EMA?
And yet it still felt like he accomplished nothing. No matter how hard you hamfist your favorite character for whatever reason, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Isayama needs to recognize that and figure out a way to make Armin's role palpable and real. Otherwise it's just going to feel more and more like bullshit. I actually want him to feel real, because right now he just feels like Isayama's putting the attention on someone he knows no one cares about, and it's not working.
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I'm 100% sure he's gonna have an important role in the new Paradis government we'll see in a few chapters. He was called a genius in the SL and now he has a titan power, there's no way he wouldn't climb up the ranks in SL leadership and government.

I don't think dictator Armin is a thing anymore but if it happens that would probably make him a more interesting character

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why was his blood green when he died?
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Because it was fucking LEGENDARY
>having ningen blood
Cue that bird screeching "I'm a fuckin' legend"

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Owarimonogatari 2 is delayed, right? No date, no PV, no news.
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Kiss shot is beautiful.
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Yes she is. The most beautiful woman in monogatari universe.

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Spoilers soon.
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Pitou is an ANT

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After thinking about it for a while, I might as well dump TL the series as I go along. Mind you, I'll be dumping pages as I translate, so just be patient.

If you see anything wrong, don't hesitate to call me out.
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A dancer stands on a small stage in a small town.
She lives in a small apartment with her parents and her sister who's three years older.
She is engaged to a 22 year old man who's working in a shipyard.
8: Book making
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"Kayo-chan's novel is more or less a light novel"
"It's the kind of story where a normal high school girl gets married to a vampire prince"
"Her style has Rika-san's influence all over it"

"Takaya's is, well, more like a diary compared to a novel"
"Anyways, he probably just wanted to get it over with"
"Ryouta-kun's is your standard young adult fiction*..."
*A novel targeted for the teen years.

"He made a tidy piece with proper story progression"
"He really is a closed minded kid"
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"Hibiki-chan's story is interesting, right?"


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Characters who fucked. And, how did you feel about it?
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needs more fucking betweencharacters.
Valvrave's could have been better if it actually mattered in the long run.
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I think it's ok to let people self insert in at least one of it's meanings

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She's fucking dead


The war goes on
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Is it nakama time?
Jun giving her a speech to bring her back?

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Name a better quirk for real life usage.
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Does she lose the body fat?
Can she give herself liposuctions??
I thought it was waste material, not stored fat.
Not too sure though, all I know is my tape isn't poop.
Where do you see body fat?

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Chap 213 ranked 3rd this week

Color page next week (Most likely Megishima's solo color page finally)
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I cannot wait to see the color cover page of Rindou again next chapter
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Elite 10 color pages.jpg
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I want another one of her but I want Megi's first

We need another one to add to the collection already
>inb4 he gets cucked again by Sword.

though sword will get his when he goes against Takumi

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>Take your favorite hentai manga
>Take out the sex and adapt it into a generic ecchi series

What happens?
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nice trap you have there
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it would be a lot less popular
Why did they give him hips? I think this is the series that turned me gay.

because unlike you closet faggots, I know traps are definitely gay

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I feel like a Yuyu today
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finally. Or did one already come and go?
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not sure. I got home waiting to unwind and there was no YYS waiting for me
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I don't know about a Yuyu thread but I did.

What does everyone think of the Kancolle anime?
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Not enough Abyssals and Shimakaze.
418 faps to yuudachi.
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Nice boats.
Shitty plot.

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