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Frolaytia's got booty for days.
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Frolaytia pleases old men for promotions.
that saying makes no sense. how is an ass a finitary existence?
Jesus Christ I want her to sit on my face while she bullies my dick.

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does /a/ still love her?
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I want a season 3 just for the memes
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She's the greatest heroine of modern times to anyone who has read the LN.
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megumin face s2 ep 2.jpg
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Yes and i always will

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How did L deduce that Kira couldn't kill him just by knowing of his existence? If L thought there was a chance that he could, there's no way he would have told him that the L he killed was a fake.
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>"You know, Light, with great power comes great responsibility. Rudyard Kipling called it "White Man's Burden." Myself, I just call it as I see it: the responsibility of the master to discipline the servant."
>Light's father looks directly at the camera.
>"The niggers, the spics, the chinks...It's our responsibility to civilize them. And if we can't? Then they shall dangle from the elm tree. The Day of the Rope is near, Light. We'll have every nigger in this country dead or in chains in 10 years, and may God have me shot in an operation gone wrong this very night if I'm wrong. God bless the American Nazi Party."

Woah, the Netflix series seems way darker than the original one.
The fact that Light killed the stand-in meant that he fully intended to kill L right then and there. The fact that he couldn't kill the real L after figuring out he's been duped meant that he couldn't.
That was after his "try and kill me" gambit, though. When he started trying to get Kira to kill him, he had to have known that Kira couldn't, or else he would have died there once Kira tried to kill the real L. Keep in mind that at this point L has no clue how he commits these murders.

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Listen, when entering a sento, one must forcefully knock back the curtains with the back of one's hands, and then, before they fall back and bar your path, you must boldly and willingly stride in, not allowing them to touch any of your body! After entering, you must remove your geta, but must never put them in a cubbyhole. Rather, without losing forward momentum, you must forcefully kick them off and proceed! It goes without saying that you must choose an old and worn pair of geta that nobody would consider stealing. Open the inner door like a man! Those modern automatic doors are anathema to the true sentoist! Once inside, while holding an exact 40° angle to the counter, you produce a ¥1000 bill. While getting change, you must banter with the cashier, such as: "Oba-san, nice day today." If done correctly, this will allow you to peek into the women's locker room. Such skills are just a small part of sento lore, rituals handed down since the Edo period. It's our duty to fully master the art of sentology, to reaffirm the proletarian nature of the sento, and thereby trumpet our tireless clash to the pervasive middle-class decay of old virtues!
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Those spergy, impassioned rants are secretly the best anime-original addition.
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dancing lum 1.gif
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They were a secret?
Then again, they really compete with how cute they made Lum-chan. I mean, she was already cute in the manga, but they really just dialed it up to 11 in the anime.
Which is your favorite?

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They have Dagashi Kashi stuff at your local h-mart FYI. At least the one in Frederick.
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What Dagashi Kashi stuff? I don't get it.
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Candy and bottles/ cans. Whole junk load of stuff. Also dragon ball, kemono friends as well.

I just went there for the first time. Just realized they are only around DC. Well, maybe my post helped some mid Atlantic guy.

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This is a middle schooler
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This is a middle schooler pointing up and to the right
Boku no lesbianism.
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Why do her eyes do that?

AOTC tier:
Violet Evergarden

God tier:
Isekai Shokudou

Great tier:
Fox Spirit Matchmaker
Knight's & Magic

Good tier:
Hina Logi - From Luck & Logic
Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

Ok tier:
Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou
Koi to Uso

Meh tier:
Katsugeki Touken Ranbu

Shit tier:
Battle Girl High Schoo
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I stopped watching anime last season.
You should kill yourself.
>last season

>this season

>all the following seasons
Shit. Now kill yourself.

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Why does there seem to be such an almost universal hate for hitagi here, even when it's already settled that she's best girl?
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She's boring and overexposed.
Butthurt purityfags that cant appreciate a female character beyond sexual aspect
Simply not true
Can understand why you'd say she's overexposed though

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Prove me that Griffith did nothing wrong.
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nice trips, but prove that he did anything wrong
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Absolutely simple. Everyone who joined him had consented to dying for him. He simply went through with the transaction.

If your mom says "I'll make you 10 tendies for dinner" and you go and make 10 tendies for dinner yourself, did you do anything wrong?
nice singles, but this is a falacy.

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This show isn't complicated. The internet causes her depression and anti-social tendencies to spiral out of control and she loses grip on her reality. She then kills herself. End.

Monster wasn't complicated either. Several boys who were neglected as child become murders. End.

Anime fans are fuckin stupid.
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You don't seem to understand.
>She then kills herself. End.
Bravo, you completely missed the point of the whole series.

Go back to your Fairy Tail instead.
Nah it's really that simple.

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Next thread won't be on Saturday. It will be on Sunday instead.
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ITT: Absolute despair
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He deserved it.

Also squirrel best gril
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This shit was so good

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What he is looking at?
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At cat who addicted to gambling?!
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aniki is sleeping.jpg
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