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Would Mordred be a good mother and wife?
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sacred line.png
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Only when she's on the heat of the beach.
She'd be good at taking dick
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She's the husband, anon.

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Chris on the front page!
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Is it Saturday yet?
I want to be fisted by Hibiki.
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That's okay as long as I get to fist Chris

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kuromukuro keyframe.png
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Who /kuromukuro/ here?

Did you get your blu rays?

What keyframe did you get?
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>not many watched it
>anyone here buying it
Still,nice buy anon.
I thought the threads had decent levels of participation.
The shitposters did participate a lot.

Why are russian girls in anime always some amazingly beautiful fairies?
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because only the hot ones got to reproduce after a shit ton of men died during WWII
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How to improve programming.png
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Only the cute ones can successfully hack elections.
Because even 3DPD has cute russians

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I'm 7 episodes in, the story is slow as shit, the protagonist is a total fucking pussy and I'm bored.
Does this shit ever get any better or did I fall for the meme?
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No, It gets worse. The first series was ok, the second series is a complete clusterfuck.

It also doesn't end on any kind of satisfying note in either series, so drop now.
Try your luck with the manga instead, it's slightly less boring.

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It's out.
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Did it get a pre-screening or something? Found the first episode in some russian website
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cyka blat
Yukino a shit

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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only good thread today
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One day...png
1MB, 1280x738px

And why is it Megumi Amano?
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The last thread died too fast, this is not ok
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unacceptable, lemme help you with that
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Am i the only one who thinks those big eyes make them look like they're fucking terrified the whole time.

Also pleasantly surprised by this one,adapted pretty well and the ost is spot on.
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I like the eyes, it's kinda offputting but it makes the show look 'anime' while still being distinctively unique.
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What did she mean when she said she wants to kiss him and do more things with him?
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Not saying it's bad but everytime she looks at him i can't help but laugh at how much she looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

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Best girl won and people still cry.
She ain't my girl but the sister is heavy.
fuck off normalfag
only faggots think she's best girl

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I've come to the conclusion that 3D women can't be funny.

But can 2D women be funny?

Now don't mistake cute and funny, sure 2D girls can be cute, but I can't think of even a single funny 2D girl.
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Kazuma = Funny
Megameme/Darkness/Aqua = Helplessly cute, not funny.

Kazuma is in charge of all the comedic time and punchlines.
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Magane is pretty funny.
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>I've come to the conclusion that 3D women can't be funny.

Yeah I know the ep aired two days ago but I wasn't able to watch it until just now so we're having a BGHS thread right NOW
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I just watched the first episode of this. It was so painfully generic and spent so much time introducing the horde of characters that I had a tough time getting to the end. Might not even bother giving this three episodes.
First anime in past 3 seasons that didn't survive the "3 episode rule". I dropped it about 14 minutes into the episode.

Mobage adaptation can be good but this is sub-Puzzle & Dragon tier. It is unwatchable trash.
It wasn't that bad.

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Now that the season is over, give me your opinions.
>Surprise of the season
>Disappointment of the season
>Best OP
>Best ED
>Best girl
>Worst girl
>Best boy
>Worst boy
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Little Witch Academia
>Best OP
Uchoten Kazoku
>Best ED
Little Witch Academia
>Best girl
Frame Arms Girl
>Surprise of the season
Tsuki ga Kirei
>Disappointment of the season
NTR: The Right Answer
>Best OP
Gravitywall (Re:Creators)
>Best ED
Chant (Alice to Zouroku)
>Best girl
Ao (Altair and Sana are my runner-ups)
>Worst girl
Minnie C
>Best boy
>Worst boy
Uchouten Kazoku 2
Tsuki ga kirei
>Best OP
Uchouten Kazoku 2
>Best ED
Uchouten Kazoku 2
>Best girl
Autistic hakase
>Best boy

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what did they see?
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Terrible poetry
they know the manga they exist in is pure trash and the MC will cut his belly
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