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>Entire character based around avenging dead family
>Proceeds to neglect his living family
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>Entire edgy anime series

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Rest in peace..jpg
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If you watch Dragonball at this point still you should genuinely be embarrassed. Is this a joke. What the fuck is this? What happened to my beautiful cel shaded frames my characters the story.
Dragonball ended after Cell. Everything after is a menacing illusion
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>Dragonball ended after Picollo Jr.
Dragonball ended after Majin boo if you want to be a faggot about it.
>What happened to my beautiful cel shaded frames
Nostalgia blinding you from the many, MANY shit frames that Z had.

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sailormoon reaction pic.gif
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What was your first anime as a kid? What was the first anime you ever saw in your life? Mine was Sailor Moon on FOX Kids at age 5.
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speed racer
Great Nostalgia I used to watch that on old CN. I think it was moved to Boomerang.
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My parents rented My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service from Blockbuster for me when I was like 3

I think its good they are releasing child sized anime sex dolls.

I think its bad when they decide to release ones of the worst girl from a series.
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What? How much does that cost?
>worst girl
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You prefer snail?

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This is your sempai for the day.
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She seems very dependable and I'm sure I can learn a lot from her.

But that's my wife.

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Gonna post a few to start the thread.
This series mainly for the good art
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Both I am a hero spinoffs
File: ICUWMHIS.jpg (43KB, 300x403px)Image search: [Google]
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Just finished the anime went to check the manga and saw so little was done

Who knows anon, maybe if you dump the art, it might catch the eye of a translator.

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Is Kemono Friends actually any good or is it just a meme?
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It's good. A masterpiece
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This image made me want to check it out, but I'm still hesitant. Can I get a summary furfags?
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There are definitely good things about it. It's a pretty unique show. It's primarily a cute kids' show, and never subverts that basic tone with one big dark twist or anything, and yet, throughout the show there are elements of mystery and foreboding lurking in the background. I've never seen quite that combination pulled off anywhere else.

The animation style is undeniably jarring at first, but it grew on me over time, and now I think it's really cute. The pacing is good; information about the world is revealed very gradually. The show gives you the sense that you're having a dream and you could wake up at any moment, but you never do.

Undoubtedly, some of the hype and appreciation for the show is just from the self-perpetuating inertia of popularity. But there's also something very interesting underneath it all. I would recommend that anyone give it a shot.

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What's the best anime opening?
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Binbou gami ga! Darkness when
99% of /a/ won't get this meme.
Even 80% of /m/ doesn't get it.

She is real for a whole day. What do you do with her?
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NTR all of /a/
>all of /a/

Can't think of a girl all of /a/ universally loves. Haruhi is probably closest.
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Await chris hansen

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Since Phi Brain and Nazotokine, we have another Quiz anime.
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Nobody else watching this?
Just started the ep.

How many of these can you guys answer? They're fairly easy trivia.
Whats up with Heroines voice?

>There are people who like Rin more than Luvia
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>Luvia's boobs are always the focus
>Never her ass
This is a crime.

Luvia's ass > Rin's ass > Luvia's boobs > Rin's boobs

How should it have ended?
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zaShunina should've been a girl
Straight end, but without the unnecessary daughter timechamber thing.
Inside the time chamber thing, Hanamori pulled a Tomaru Sawagoe and made a superior japanese god folded with over 1000 dimensions, who after getting out of the chamber would have gone back in time to prevent this shitshow for ever being made in the first place

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Dumping 27. Dunno when 28 will be done though. Stail waiting for TL and edit. Already cleaned though.
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File: i-031.png (746KB, 1125x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Describe the personality of Ichigo Kurosaki
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>muh friends
there isn't any
Brooding and violent. When's the last time he tried to solve a conflict through words?

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Will she make for a good waitress?
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If by "waitress" you mean a prostitute, then yes.
Those handlebars are perfect for forced deepthroat.
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1MB, 1920x2255px
She will be GOAT.

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