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To the retard debating me about how Ajin is more popular in Nipland than GochiUsa. Here ya fuckin go:


Huh? Where is Ajin? Oh, didn't even make the list.


http://www.someanithing.com/series-data-quick-view - Don't see Ajin on there do we?
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I like Ajin but how anybody delude themselves into thinking it's popular?
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Some perspective

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Why didn't Hinata remove the rods instead of fighting Pain?
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She wanted to impress her husbando
She tried, did you even watch the scene? Pain was blowing her away every time she tried to remove them.
Because removing the rods would take time and Pain would just stay still watching the whole thing.

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How often do you fantasize about being an anime girl, /a/?
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Every day
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I want to be a perverted old man more.
This, and every night.
Often as this one's girlfriend.

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megu guard.png
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Looks like Megumin's on guard! What do you do, /a/?
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Distract her with food, grab both her wrists, kiss her on the mouth, give her a wedgie then call her a nerd and run away in that exact order.
>roughly 40kg

Effortlessly push her on the ground and rail her.
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The Man of Steal!.jpg
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I wanna steal her hat and shit in it!

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Say hello to the God of the new world
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is this fag with gut supposed to be Light?
Where's his chin?
Fuck off with these threads already.

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what was her problem?
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TL: "Keikaku means plan."
being in a shit anime
Childhood trauma from anti-bully ranger

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did she really say Kaworu choose a "false hope" over his own will to live in the english dub?

If so, I'm glad I got the german version back then, since there she at least acknowledges it was some "abstract ideal" and not just "false hope"

Is the english translation (not the dub in general, just the script) actually shit?
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Explain the leaps of logic it took to watch not only one but two garbage dubs and also why you watched an english dub while being ESL.
I've only watched the german and japanese dub and saw that line quoted

And fuck off, the german dub is one of these rare cases, where it's pretty good.

> dropping honorifics
> fitting voices from talented actors, without any black sheep
> good non-lazy script writing taken from the actual japanese scripts (it often happens here, that they just translate the english translation)
Her information is limited to what Shinji is able to tell her and the context of the Committee sending an anthropoid Angel to murder them all, it isn't anything to get hung up on.

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No thanks

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Chapter 2 is out.
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I don't get it, why can't she just murder them all at once?
So did Time-kun die? If so, why did he fall in the water?
It was water in the past.

>Here its called Promare and will be like killlakillXgurrenlagan.

I was hype for a grainy photo and a sentence.
A Fucking EXPO for this?
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Yes, the entire expo was for that single poster. Every single non-Trigger panel was hyping it up. Such a shame.
They also talked about the thing at length but the streams wouldn't catch any of it.

Also, "Kill La KillxGurren Lagan" was never really mentioned.
It's mecha imaishi. TTGL was TTGL, KLK was just a spin on mecha by turning the robots into pervy clothing (thus making it a much cheaper to make show).
The trigger panel was such a letdown. 3 posters and a shitty inferno cop skit. The Q&A was also trash with people asking questions everyone already knew about LWA.

KyoAni won this AX to be honest.

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Why is this allowed?
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Yeah, she's a little too skinny.
her drills pretty hueg
I'd get on my knees and start servicing her. Can I be her shota?

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why does he love lelouch suddenly again?
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he was Lelouch's personal guard but failed to protect Marianne
He was very loyal to Lelouch's mother back when she was alive, that loyalty passed onto Lelouch once Jermiah found out he was Marianne's son.
but she was alive,

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It's finally back.
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so did her dad get better?

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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He got the biggest boner
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Lava Golem.png
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He just played this
I used to play a deck based on this and magic cylinder (and similar cards), and the expression in the OP is pretty accurate.

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Is Shinka a bully?
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No. You just don't want to piss her off.
I hope

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