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Ninja Slayer From Animation is ducking amazing, and I want to have a circle jerk about it. I love the expiremental Animation that fits in nicely with how the show comments on how anime was seen by general American audiences before anime became popular a few years back. Color design is fucking great, and it's better than inferno cop shut the fuck up if you think otherwise.
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Koki best girl. Nancy a masoslut.

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Why did Japan suddenly start portraying sluts as nice girls?
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I Fucking love this series.

Its just so different, poorly drawn maybe, but stylised is a really nice way and it's so unexpectedly sweet.
this is 10/10
Because sluts always were nice girls

> http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random

What's your quirk, and would you use it to be a hero or villain?
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I'm far too strong to care. Guess I'll occasionally save loads of people during a tragedy, and then occasionally murder the entire family of a dude dumb enough to cut me off in traffic.

Hero using his quirk to infuse his armor and a shinai to use what Kendo training I have to sword fight villains
I will become smoke san and peek at women changing. Villain ofc

>Synopsis confirmed Mary is dead
>Haru is trying to find a way to revive her beautiful pair of boobs

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>art got better
What is this magic?
Maryfags BTFO!!!!
their healer's dead again?

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Why do some people think One Piece is better than Hunter x Hunter? One Piece is barely good. Like what did One Piece have that's great? One large battle that people keep jerking off to? That really wasn't all that great either in retrospect.

It also feels like all the One Piece characters get backstories written retroactively, and there really isn't anything planned. You guys just fall for it being planned when it's all retroactive backstory. For example Sanji, do you really think when he was introduced the author had any of the Germa shit in mind? No. No he didn't.

With HxH it feels like everything is intentional and all the backstories of the characters are known as soon as they're introduced, and the author isn't just retroactively trying to make them flow within the story.

OP is also bloated with shallow story lines and characters that are only there to extend the story so it can be milked for more money. There is so much garbage piled over the half decent story that it just makes it so tedious to go through.

HxH has a focused tight story throughout every arc and as a whole, and still manages to have an expansive world full of adventure. I won't say HxH's story is better because Togashi isn't trying to milk it endlessly, because that would be insulting the vast difference in writing talent between Togashi and Oda. Though I'm sure it plays a role.

Why do you guys like One Piece so much? It's the Mcdonalds equivalent of manga.
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>Why do some people think One Piece is better than Hunter x Hunter?
It actually updates.
Ledditors who think that updates = quality, even if a single HxH chapter has more content and quality than 5 OP volumes.
Why is that a factor? Quality > Quantity. I'm not 80 years old, I can wait good quality.

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At what point is it time to stop?
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>Not posting Okita Souji.
lion saber inadvertently invented kemono friends. prove me wrong.
When Arturia stops being profitable.

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So time for another chapter. This is all that's translated and that was thanks to random anon in the last thread.

Time for some adorable raccoon.

Disclaimer to mods: Published in an official magazine(Young Champion Retsu) so should be allowed here. Please don't ban me.
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So is washing just your crotch a normal japanese thing? cause that seems really weird.
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Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?
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Why didn't he just geass himself to not be retarded?
Why didn't he just geass all the black Knights
He had already geassed himself to do something retarded.

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Anime Expo 2017 PV.


Why aren't you fuckers talking about this? Gatoh delivered, it looks on par or better than TSR.
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I'm sorry, but pretty much any anon who watched TSR or is even aware of FMP is either gone, or on /m/
This. I barely remember anything about FMP other than Tessa being the best girl.

Currently rewatching...
I just finally got around to finishing Sigma after having it on my backlog for years.
It was a pretty good conclusion, but it leaves a lot of the humor behind after the events of TSR.

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Rate this body
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In my book, anything above a five is pretty good. I'll give her a seven.

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Admit it /a/, he is, without doubt, the greatest DragonBall villain in the franchise's history.
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who Zamasu or the Planet?
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>better than pilaf

this is now no one takes you Super fags seriously

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ITT: loveable retards
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almost said OP but he said lovable
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Why are there no good animes grounded in realism that address Japanese history? It's not as if Nip history isn't surprisingly interesting, or bereft of interesting characters, but it seems both authors and the public are afraid to engage with a topic that seems to already have a built in audience.
Pic unrelated
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Why would there be?
Get into books you idiot anime is just to fap to the girls and nothing else
Fuck off.
>reading books in 2017

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>Nen is this super rare and powerful ability that few know about
>meanwhile a guy on a pogostick telekinetically controls tops in front of tens of thousands of spectators
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The introduction of nen always bothered me. How the fuck did killua never even heard of it? His family is all assassins who all know nen, no one mentioned it to him? He never saw them use it? Bullshit. With gon it made sense since he lived in some shitty island his entire life but killua should've at least heard of it.
His family probably wanted to focus on strengthening his body as much as possible. If they introduced Nen too early he might focus too much on that and neglect his own body. Plus it was shown with him and Gon that a well trained body allows for the art to be taught exponentially faster.

I'm sure Killua would have learned about it soon if he hadn't been a cunt and ran away.

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Today I learn that in Japan, they studying during bath
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Intense tan lines.
Tanlines are so shit. I wish Nips would stop drawing them. Such a turnoff that no one actually likes.
>Such a turnoff that no one actually likes.
Not everyone is a faggot like you

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