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Anything 'Murrican related.
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Time for sword boy adventures.

68: User
[Side] It's like his words are dead...
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"People's powers are decided upon the moment they are born"
[Side] Heartless words just keep ringing...

"A small fraction of people have talent"
"The rest are just riffraff"
"Garbage without any value!!"

"That was Kyoujurou. He had no great talent"
"Of course he was going to die"
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"The funeral's over"
"Don't keep looking so stingy!!"


"That's a really cruel way to phrase it"
"Please stop talking that way"
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"What's up with you"
"Get the hell out! Don't step into my threshold..."

"Am from the demon hun..."

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Little Witch Academia is objectively better than K-ON!
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People who try to force their opinion by claiming it as "objectively" better are massive faggots.

How many cocks are you sucking per minute OP?
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why is she so cute?
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When the side characters are cuter then the main heroine.
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just is
I like her pupils, haven't seen ones like these in anime ever
which is really surprising considering how much anime there is

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Ami or Mami?
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Ami's mammaries
Mami's anal cavity

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Post dubs that are actually worth watching.
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I watched the first Rosario to Vampire in Japanese and the second season in English. I liked the English dub. They translated songs to English and did it well IMHO.
Actually watching Baccano dub rn, literally got done binging the first 7 episodes, its reallt good in dub.

Bebop's dub is great, and so is Ghost Stories. For those that dont know, in short, the Ghost Stories dub is basically abridged. Its kinda heavy on celebrity references but I enjoyed it. Ive also heard that the BNHA one isnt shabby
I definitely agree with the Ghost stories one, great watch there.

I'd say death note has a pretty good Dub.

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Post moments that made you cry /a/.

Why'd they do Illya like that? Gilgamesh is a bitch ass nigga for this.
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>tearjerky torture porn
Icky desu
It was a necessary sacrifice to make humanity great again. She wasn't going to live much longer anyway.
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Dumping Time
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i want to EAT her!
dumb frogposter

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How come they never used intercoms ever again?
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they do in the Boruto movie.
they literally used radio throughout the whole series you fucking retard
it's just a cartoon man take it easy

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>character takes a sip of beer
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Have you ever had a realy fucking hard shift at work and then had a light beer after?
of course you havent because your a SIT AT HOME NEET who has nothing better to do than create shit threads on /a/
long story short, that's the noise you want to make when you take THE FIRST SIP because something about it is so refreshing
Screw you now I want a beer.
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>character gets drunk with milk or some shit like that

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ITT: character that reminds you of yourself
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I too was left in despair
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she has my personality pretty much
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Literally exactly like me ecspecially his wicked sense of humour

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Post your 3x3s in here my friends
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Let me crash your rec thread real quick

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If you could kiss and switch bodies with your favorite anime character what would you do in their body. What would you want them to do in your body.
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Can I really become a truck?
If I kiss some dude then kill him while he's on my body, does that mean I don't have to give it back?
Literally kys but yes you could. Unless you kiss your dead body then you transfer and kys again

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Why are seiyuufags so fucking nuts?
Every thread, every show it's always "OH MY GOD [random voice] is in this? PIcked up!" or "I'm only watching this show for [random voice]." Or they refer to the characters by the seiyuu's name.

They are literally insane. It's just a voice.
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Because I'll watch anything with Chitose in it.
people like different things
I like art
friends like voice acting
world keeps moving
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If everyone was actually talking about those things which are on topic (ie. related to anime), it would be great.
Seiyuu threads nowadays are plain idolfagging, dumping the same gravure pics and stories about how much they want to fuck somebody.

I'm a huge seiyuufag who listens to web radios more than watches anime, but that mindless 3DPD shit is just repulsive.

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