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Raw is out
I'll Dump I guess
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My cock
Muh dick
Starting off with Saitama and King

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Hey anon... yeah you anon !

Hear me out.....

TV Diana >> OVA Diana >> Terio Manga Diana

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Yay please.
Who would win in a fight, Akko or Diana?
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Stop not wanting Trigger to go bankrupt.

Episode 12 PV is out, heavily featuring dyke butt.
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What was his name again?
Pronto Preacher
Quick Quipper

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>no text
Incredible that it didn't fuck up the subject
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Endgame right here, brothers.
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Evil Armin SOON

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sg (78).jpg
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100 is average, >140 is genius, <60 is mental retardation

I'd say Kurisu is roughly 150
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you mean guess.
around 128~132

Satania - 85
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How did his dick not spontaneously combust?
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does anyone remember which episode she realises he is not "immune"?
He isn't desperate like you are.

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img000005 (1).png
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Would you fuck him (female)?

New chapter out
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(S)he is adorable
Yes please

Hell yes.

And the boy clothes stay on.

Main girl actually use good deck
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It's just all too good.
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Midair d-board duelling when?
I really like VRAINS, but I will be more cautious with getting hype after the trainwreck that has been Arc-V

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Before I started jerking off to traps and shemales I remember this episode always made me confused and uncomfortable and feel things I probably shouldn't.

You could argue this is some sort of platonic bromance but I don't think that would entail this type of blushing, hand holding, uneasiness, etc. Thoughts?
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I really liked Kaworu back when I first watched the show. Bu t then all the yaoi doujins of those 2 got in the way of fapping to Asuka and Rei and i grew tired of their faggotry
I don't think there's any doubt that he is attracted to Kaworu. Whether you believe he is just desperate for love or bisexual is your own hang up
Since Angels have no gender its not gay to be attracted to one, besides kaworu is efeminate and acts like a semen demon so you cant blame a straight guy for falling for it

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>Eren: Listen to my story. This... may be our last chance
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Real Thread
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bb zeke.jpg
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Zeke is the real good guy in this story.
someone please post cute Mikasa
I need my fix

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How do you feel about Sasha and Annie turning into friends?
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>New thread
>Not even bump limit
You're a fucking braindead piece of shit
Stop making threads early.
All I care is about you posting about Pieck. Chop chop, do not disappoint me.

Post you're waifu, others explain why she is fucking garbage.
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I haven't watched the show, but it's been revealed that her fanbase is actually an organized group of redditors. Her posters are also a bunch of annoying idiots who ruin threads unrelated to Gabriel Dropout. Also, their constant avatarfagging is just an attempt to keep her relevant, because they know she's not very popular and won't last more than a year in the general public's mind.
A character with such fans has to be horseshit.
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Sagrada Reset.jpg
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Episode 12 in EP 02h 56m 31s
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Souma best girl
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New visual
New OP by WEAVER next week

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Holy shit, really it was her.
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Is she the coolest girl?
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well, she's the lewdest
>sarad going full ghost
Does she attack the men she slept with?

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Power to the people
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More like power to the buttholes
Is this the long-awaited revolution episode? Because they need way more red than this.
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Is it wrong to want this Chupakabura to pounce at me and suck out my GOAT milk?

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