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What's her end game
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Getting roped into a Marriage via gambling. Aka she wants to mold herself a husband.
Her actions right now are GAMBURU
Her keikaku is GAMBURU
Her endgame is GAMBURU

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For now only sure thing is that animation will be done J.C. Staff and Key will have complete supervision over the anime, but everything else (from format over run-time length to animation quality) depends on a result of crowdfunding campaign.
At bare minimum we will get 20-minute OVA, but in best case we will get full theatrical feature.
For now crowdfunding project is limited to backers with residence in Japan. A crowdfunding project for overseas backers will be announced later.
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First PV:
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>7 years and he STILL hasn't learned moon
You only have yourself to blame.

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There won't be a love interest in this one right?
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What ended up happening in Ryo kyu bu by the way?
Is it over?
There is a love interest between me and Sora
I just hope they don't adopt Sakura winning.

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>tfw understand this guy on such a high level that when the annoying girls interrupt his peaceful life I get annoyed in real life

anyone know this feel?
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I can definitely relate to him on many levels.
right? I stopped watching at episode 3 not because it was bad, but the girls were annoying him so much it was physically hurting me

why can't it just be tanaka and ohta chilling for 26 episodes? life is unfair
Yes, I can't stand annoying 10/10 girls wanting to suck my dick while I try so hard to protect my precious virginity

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Why are anime girls so much better than real ones?
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Because they are.
Because they aren't real.

Stop calling him a clown. He is magician not a clown.
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Magic clown.

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Remember when romance anime had balls?
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Who's the Sakura-chan clone on the left?
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>remember when romance anime catered to the cuck audience?
No, it's been too long. Glad we've left those dark ages behind us.
I remember Takoyaki having none.

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Keith literally did nothing wrong.
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first for based captain Rico
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Best Girl
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Eren and Annie.jpg
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What the fuck was this kid thinking?

>get invited to join cute girl's club and actually have friends
>"nah I'll just stay friendless and play shitty mobage"
>turns down the offer not just once but twice

What advanced form of autism could possibly lead to such a decision?
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He's a filthy casual.
His motives are too COMPLEX for you?
>implying you wouldn't do the exact same

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She's enjoying a burger, so she's okay in my book.
The new girl is evil
True mastermind of evil

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This is my girlfriend Rin, and her girlfriend Saber. Say something nice to them.
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I ate all the food in the fridge and sold your jewels on ebay.
So you're Saber? Please proceed being very close to each other, I'm not going to disturb you.
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Cute couple!

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What if Casca was the Berserk and Guts was the retard instead?
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If Guts were the kind of person to lose his sanity from rape, it would have happened the first time.
>Guts gets raped by Griffith
How would this even work?

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Hello /a/,

this is my waifu. I know some poeple won't understand but I fell in love with her. Everytime I am sad I look at pictures of her and I can hear her voice in my head. "Everything is going to be daijoubu".
When I think of her I get this feeling in my heart, this warmth. No 3D woman could ever let me feel like this. Every night I look up to the night sky, and wish that she would be real, so I could stop hugging my dakimakura of her and instead hold her tight in my bed. In the morning she would already be up and cooking breakfast. After a few montz we would get engaged and have two or three kids. Sure, we would have lots of work, and I would work maybe 2 jobs to give her the luxuary she deserves but I would do so smilibg, knowing I would make her happy. Then when iur children finally all moved out, we would take some time off and see the world. Paris, Venice, Naples, New York, Sydney, Jerusalem, Hong Kong and so on. I already see us at old age in our garden, drinking coffee while looking at the sunset.
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I slept with your waifu before you did
I slept with your waifu when you two were already an item.
In a race it dosant matter who reached the checkpoint first, but the finish line.

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What did /a/ think of Alice in Borderland? I think it delivered on its premise pretty well and had some decent arcs, with the osmosis arc being the best one. I do feel like at least one of the cutaway arcs was pointless filler though.
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Kinda meh.
It at least was okay with killing people off though.
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>What did /a/ think of Alice in Borderland?
A great series, the ride to the end was amazing, and I loved the cast.

>with the osmosis arc being the best one
I want to say that The King of Diamonds arc is my favorite but there are a number of good ones and i can't really decide.

>I do feel like at least one of the cutaway arcs was pointless filler though.
To me the side arcs were important since it helped develop all of the cast. Having multiple focus characters but always building up to, and going back to Arisu let the writer tell a bunch of other twisted stories while not having to stretch the MC so thin with encounters.

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>you will never have a cute assigned wife
Why even live?
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>Lilina will lose
This is bullshit and you know it
Arranged marriages are shit trough, as they allow even the worst of genes to survive the modern evolutionary pressures.

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