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I just saw Your Name. What a great film. I rarely get this moved when I watch anime as I did with this film. The time travel bit was a bit confusing at times though

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The Silent Voice of our generation.
Yes. It's popular with plebians like you. Which is why it mainstream enough to be released in cinema, because it would sell to the same market as Michael Bay Transformers.

Enjoy your normalfag romance film.
I bet you hate Miyazaki films as well.

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Can we have a .webm thread?
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Haruhi Putting on a hat.webm
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webm without sound is no fun though

I know it's cliche as fuck, but i actually got out more since i've watched it
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And you should stay out.
I am
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animes vs anime

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What is /a/'s general opinion on this show?
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anime is great, fanbase is awful, rebellion is trash
Anyone who doesn't understand Rebellion is a level 0 reader.
Isn't Rebellion a movie?

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>subtitles stop mid-sentence
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>Subtitles spoil word before a long pause
>subtitles are in spanish
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>Subtitles don't match up to what they are actually saying

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Is he the most alpha male of any anime ever?
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He sure is funniest anime character
Maybe until Joker gets an anime
Joker has severe autism, brotag is just like a harem protagonist.

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how can people remember every character's name in an anime? i barely can remember MCs names of shows i watched a month ago
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Dumb Saber.
Silly anon, you're not supposed to remember them all. Like who the fuck knows the names of all the battle highschool girls? I only know the MC, Clawgirl, and her evil twin who tries to poison everyone with disgusting sugary snacks.
Some of us aren't casuals

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>ITT: Semen Demons
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>official costume
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I don't know whether to be aroused by this, subtly disgusted, hungry, or some combination of the three.

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Kemi and the others.jpg
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You she might be still alive?
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>fucking up your sentence in the OP
>putting bnha as subject instead of writing it out
What OP mean by this
You think she might be still alive?
Fuck, I am a retard.

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Some of you SHI-SHISHOUS are alright, don't forget to rewatch Umaru tomorrow. See you when S2 starts.
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>tumblr gif
Umaru fanbase, everyone.
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kirie shovel.jpg
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>The source of a gif matters

Umaru critics
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Umaru is the best. She is perfect.

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A true hero of justice
Why does this series seem to get so little attention?
It's not raw, it's gook scan. Learn the difference.

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Since Erased was so popular maybe his other stuff will get adapted too?
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Oh i remember reading this a while back. Didnt know it had THE same author. But this One was pretty meh from what i can remember
Back to the shithole you escaped
What the fuck is this filth. Fuck off OP you disgusting degenerate.

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What direction would you take the Dragon Ball franchise post-super?
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id rewrite super before anything else.
Loli fanservice
Directly into the trash.

How am I supposed to care about the other girls after watching Kizumonogatari? Hanekawa is too fucking perfect
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Hanekawa is only good in Kizu, she's shite in everything else.
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I'm afraid its worse than we thought, I am diagnosing you with extreme shit taste.
Senjougahara's relationship with Araragi is just pitiful after watching Kizu. How is she supposed to compete with Hanekawa and Shinobu? She literally can't

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O I love my hung up loli.png
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my hung up
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