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What went wrong?
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Teacher stopped being a bastard after 2 episodes.
That shitty last arc.
Adapting an entire volume in the last episode.
I liked the Re=L arc well enough, but the last one was lame indeed.

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I'd fuck her and take responsibility.
Seconded! Nice rack, sharp suit, ponytail. Yep, would/10.
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Let's play shiritori with pictures. I say an anime name and post a picture from it. Next anon posts an anime that starts with the last sylable of the anime I posted. If the anime name ends with 2 consonates you only use the last one.

Yama No Susume.
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Meitantei Conan
Ani Tore EX
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Excel Saga/

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New episode today
not sure why I didn't see a thread earlier
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s10 when?
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s11 when?
Movie when?

Episode 2 is out.
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cute cats
Where is everyone?

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having just marathoned this the other day, I am deeply saddened I didn't get to take part in the threads as it was airing.
I had an exam the day after the final episode. I'm fucking glad I didn't watch it aired.
That being said, the threads were pretty comfy.
>deeply saddened

So it would not have made a difference.

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oh fung I posted kuwabara's sister by accident
Yusuke's mom at least tries, the anime fucked up and had her disappear from the series early on for some reason, in the manga she is actually around for the Dark Tournament.
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NakaMom is not sure about Croissant's fetishes.
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The thirst goes both ways now.
Mana is the cutest in the world!
Rate Mana's cuteness
Ponytail > Victim > Simba > Croissant
Am I forgetting any Manas?

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What went wrong?
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Everyone around him is a retard.
The rape never came back.
World-building sucks, GS isn't as smart as his fans pretend, harem elements creep in, not even edgy enough to be enjoyed ironically

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Didn't make a thread yesterday because I had no time. Anyways, here we go.
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6 am in the morning

"The water's so nice!!"


"A rock bath..."
"I thought I went in here yesterday..."
"But the water feels so warm"
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83: It's all over
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"And... I have the bath all to myself this morning!"
"I'm glad I woke up so early"


"We had a lot of fun"
"Skiing with Maa-kun"
Angel Megumi

"But last night..."

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>there are "people" on this board right now that like the jojo anime despite the fact the OVA exists
smooth animation and hand drawn > clunky computer manufactured slop
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Animation is still hand drawn
Or maybe I'm not a cancerous Reddit fuck who read the manga instead?
OVA is too short, so they had to cut around some plot points and fights. Though it's really amazing and does much more justice to the horror atmosphere of part 3 than the anime.
The only thing anime did better is D'Arby

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Marry Fuck Kill.
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Marry the girls, fuck the prettiest one, politelt ask the male to leave.
Marry Shino
Fuck Hata
Kill Kaede
Marry Shiho
Fuck Aria and Imotits

Kill no one because I want to marry and fuck said girls and not be in prison.

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>Kemono Friends
>Granblue Fantasy

How much of a fucking bloodbath is Comiket going to be? You can probably toss in some popular yaoi trash like YOI too.
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If we don't get Lyria vanilla doujins I'm going to flip out.
I don't get why comiket is so popular but then again I don't get a lot of things.
this is a 1000 years old alchemist girl(male)

Muramasa or Megumi?
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O chin chin
megumi >>> muramasa

short hair fags gtfo

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>hi my name is MC-kun I'm a loser that never got any vagoo, a piece of shit that no one will ever touch with a stick and I want to live a peaceful life
>15 seconds after the intro the retard is covered in bitches

Is Japan ever going to stop writing the same anime over and over and over?
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Can Japan do anything right? Those titty physics are embarrassingly bad.
No. I'd say something like "stop buying this garbage if you don't like it" but I'm pretty sure 99.9999% of /a/ users steal their anime. So it's pretty much all the japs fault.
It's a deconstruction.

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