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What am I in for?
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Bodacious space pirates
miniskirt pirates singing and eating parfaits.


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How is that star fish floating?
What's it suppose to be?
Explain this meme to me. I don't have time to waste watching a shit series that constantly gets meme spammed on this board. Yet I want to know why this picture always gets memed with the phrase "dozo".

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War has changed.
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How long will it take for them to make a cute girls doing cute Viet Cong things anime?
>cute girls trying to make a home in tunnels
>making traps
>running from napalm
It would be great
Would probably be attacked by anericunts for being "Too light on the subject" or something like it, sadly.
Because lets be serious here. You cant have cute girls in an anime and depict the Vietnam war in an even vaguely realistic way.
>implying nips care about what burgers think
I say fund it, sounds like a jolly good time.

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is she a vampire?
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>Shana, Taiga, etc. underwent nice slow transitions
>today every season throws 'back & forth' bipolar bitches at you
They don't make tsunderes like they used to, do they?
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Shana a shit

Well it use to be 95% tsun, with the 5% dere dealt out over 20+ episodes or many LN volumes.

Now it really does mean hot n cold, bitch can flip within the first episode and do it in every single episode. These new ones have amnesia too it seems because they don't remember a damn thing about their relationships. The nips have lost all meaning of the original term.

Most of the ones now haven't even heard of Shana or will call her shit.
You're taste a shit.

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Why did this hit me so hard? I hardly ever cry during anime but when Scarborough Fair played for the second time in the finale I bawled my eyes out.

Did anyone else like this show way more than it deserved?
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Listen to enya Caribbean blue and I'm sure you'd cream across the room
-- Reminded me of the fair song for some reason
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>Very first scene of very first episode

Yet it still surprises people that he carried that weight

Come on you know this was coming 25 episodes ago.
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no yay.jpg
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It hurts everytime
did he suffer from depersonalization?

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How dirty are they?
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>Kei Yuri
>Gay Yuri
pairy dirty
The number of people who they slept with is uncountable.

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424 - Hammurabi code
Mana: You deserved that punch, intolerable bitch
Mana(red): Because you're being insufferable
Mana: You don't trust me as I'm your delusion, right? Alright then. (I'll leave you alone)
Aya: [Why does my own illusion behave like this if I'm makeing all this up?]

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Wait what happend?
surprise bukkake

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Why are gothic lolitas the best
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Because they're often adult lolis.
Because you have taste.

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Do you go to Comiket?
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Only for the autistic nomihoudai afterwards with /jp/ lolicon.
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comiket tycoon.webm
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I'm not a masochist nor loaded.
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>going outside

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What is her final game?
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Reminder, the bunny smells good!
B-but I'm not gay.
>the bottom of the abyss is connect to the networksphere

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>MC rams his cock into the girl's cervix hole
>it makes her orgasm much more intense

It doesn't work like that. That shit would hurt.
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Who made you the expert on girl parts?
Having them?
Saged and reported

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How can anyone defend such poor writing?
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Moments like these leave a lifetime memory whether it's good or bad.

I find it fucking hilarious, I don't know why /a/ is so obsessed with it.

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Is this the sexiest JC?
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I miss unpopular Sacchikong
Now everyone shitpost with her pics
does bapping count as shitposting?
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