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This series has 0 good parts and no character development and had no reason to ever get popular.
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It is about the whole and not its parts.
But you`re right otherwise.
unbelievers begone
you are not welcome on this board
and you've just described why i hate haruhi

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Are you the kind of person that only watches anime with an all female cast?
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I can`t even read mangos with female leads.
Yes but with less cowtits and more loli.
I would also accept cute traps

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find a flaw
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batshit insane killer
Was it wrong tho? He just read some Nietzsche in the train
Never paid the rent

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Cheetos is based.
Yui senpai!!!!!
Post more china images

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Cute reaction faces
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more of her voice.
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There are people still watching this garbage?

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What went wrong?
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Almost nothing, you just like the old gainax style more instead of the new one.
It's basically really good except thematically it becomes a bit muddled towards the end

I quite like how it becomes a strange metaphor for young people being sent off to die in war tho

Love that scene in the final episode where the Fraternity sits down for a group photo and one of them says they should leave a seat empty for someone who had died previously. Weirdly comical and sad
Absolutely nothing

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Why does nobody is killing politics in Jigoku shoujo, like presidents or something?
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Enma Ai is a cute.
Enma and co decide whether or not to take a client's request based on how personal the grudge is. You can hate a politician all you want, let's say Trump, but your grudge isn't personal since you never had any form of contact with him.

Is it homosexuality?
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> Monkeys tits

dude, that's beastiality
It's not homosexuality
I'm a cocksucker and I'll absolutely never forget the feeling of shoving my face deep in between two nice round tits. The smell, temperature, pressure... I can recall the memory like it's happening right now.

This guys just acting

"There's a roach on Shinichio's head. There's also a roach under Shinichiro's shoe. Inside Shinichiro's heart is Yuasa Hiromi"


I only picked up this show because anons said Noe would win, but now I am absolutely SEETHING.
Seriously what the fuck.
The whole show was basically about Noe, Noe's chickens were a major force driving the plot forward, even the entire show is named after the very issue Noe was having about her emotions and fears.
So why the fuck does Noe ACTUALLY get cucked out of a relationship and into a bad end by her siscon brother and a toxic, manipulative background character at the last minute?
Noe didn't deserve all that suffering.
Damn, I loved everything else about this show, but that ending was such an asspull I wish I never wasted my time.
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>needing a guy to "win"
She had a lot of growth as a person. Also her brother would be better for her than Shinichiro.
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>The whole show was basically about Noe
Watch it again.

Noe a cute.
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She could cry at the end, so she won in some sense.

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Chapter tomorrow
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sleepy gyro.png
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thinking of taking a bunch of melatonin so when I wake up the chapter will be out
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This is thirsty Fugo.
Now go drink some water!

New SFTJ chapter + anything /ak/.
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So I have this copy of the Ghost in the Shell mang... er... com... er... let's just say I have a copy of the first sort of type Ghost in the Shell thing ever made, published by Dark Horse Comics. It's drawn like any other manga, but it's been flopped (it was printed and published long before manga was a thing in America) so that it reads like a western comic. Should I put it with my western comics or with my manga tankĊbon?

Also what exactly makes a manga a manga and not a western comic? The art style? The direction that you read it in? It's place of origin?
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its literally just a comic from another country
Manga and comics are literally the exact same thing.
Fuck off and kill yourself, cancerous newfag.

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>People freak out at "O MY RUBBER NEN" but Emperor Time somehow gets a pass
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first of all oh my rubber nen was not an asspull, nen being stroger after death was hinted before.

The asspull was lack of brain damage due to oxygen deprivation in Hisoka.

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Would you watch an anime about cute pregnant girls doing cute things?
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As long as it takes place in Mexico, sure
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Fuck yes
>inb4 triggered purityfags

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Let's have a Blame! thread. Decided to read it since I was everyone talking about the movie. It was pretty nice. I liked the atmosphere and the villains designs, but there were a few times where I couldn't tell what the fuck was going on when there was a battle. The movie was okay, would have preferred less kawaii designs and less dialogue, though. You guys think it's possible to have a faithful adaptation of this manga?
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inb4 "hours of walking" and "Killy is a safeguard" and "the manga is a cycle" posting
It would be difficult to capture the whole scale of the megastructure and loneliness on a movie, but it also would be too boring as a series.
Also no 3D, a more "sketchy" and dirty art direction like the manga would be ideal.
Did we read the same thing? There is no atmosphere at all. Not saying it is a bad thing.

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