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What's an anime that is objectively better in dubbed form? I'm still upset they didn't finish dubbing detective conan.
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Ghost Stories
Cowboy Bebop
Desert Punk
Gundam Wing
Golden Boy

That's just off the top of my head, I could think of more probably.
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>''My name is John Smith and I'm an american detective solving crimes in this american country''
What the fuck did they mean by this?

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If Haruhi aired in 2017 instead of 2006 would the anime community even give a shit about it?
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It was just ripped off NGE
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>still no second season

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Seo a cute.
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[seo laugh]
Should I reactivate my 4chan sounds, or is there no meaning behind your tag?
Cutest couple with best girl

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Gatchaman Crowds Episode 3 a0.jpg
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Doesn't she get embarrased that Katze can see everything she's doing?
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She doesn't feel embarrased showing everything to her boyfriend.
Based Hajime has no shame or fear. She is the perfect entity.
I think that her lack of shame is a minor problem in comparison with her insanity

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Why are female characters in anime often stronger than males?
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Why would fiction be the same as real life?
Why not?
Do you feel threatened by fictional characters?
Shh, you will disturb the beta-male hivemind.

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>40+ Million views on a torrent site alone
>Sales on the rise suddenly since 2009
>Let's continue our epic Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Beybladez XD instead of having an anime on par with Berserk (Non shit years of course) redeemed for a season 2!

What the fuck were they thinking?
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They never were, anon.
God knows torrent views translate directly into sales.
No, but they are a solid reflection of the potential the anime had if it was continued.

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If watamote was published today instead of 6 years ago
Would the /a/ of today like it?
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Only /v/ ever liked it so yeah probably
I still like it today so probably.
i dont think the people here changed that much in 6 years, it would be no differnt than when it came out, you still see watamote here like 1-3 times a day

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Koi to Uso

who are you shipping ?

will the gayship survive ?
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They made him gay so that it wouldn't be threatening that the girl he loves got matched up with another guy.
You say that like it's a bad thing
no NTR = good
They made him gay to suffer and make the MC seem like a special snowfake. Like not only do pretty girls like this painfully mediocre guy but his handsome male friend does as well. Why? Because he is kind.

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>Shinji is a pussy.
>I'd save the world without flicking an eye.

Do people actually believe they would be canon heroes in a stereotypical anime situation? Fuck outta here.
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people want to believe it, the sad truth is that most would be unable to do the things Shinji forces himself to do
>Do people actually believe they would be heroes.
The threat of the world ending and x person being only one to save it is enough to motivate the average person to undertake a task they might not want to do or know they are scared of doing, but will do out of duty anyways because its the right thing to do and it keeps them/family/friends alive

Shinji pussied out completely.
Then again, he's a kid smack bang in the middle of puberty with parent issues. I was fucked up at his age too so it's hard to say if I could have done better
You can argue the same for Asuka.

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Is this show worth the time?
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At least Walkure is.
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Why? Why is she still doing this? Ai is no longer under any obligation to be hell grandma's bitch.

Her parents are no longer taken hostage.
The hellgirl job is worthless and is not needed other than to troll the human world and entertain the old hag and the suffering fags on /a/.
The only thing hell has on her is the threat of direct harm.

Is she doing this to save her own skin? Has the mysterious Enma Ai become nothing more than a two bit crook trying to brown nose the mob bosses just to survive?

Is THAT what she's fucking become /a/?
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yes and.png
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I'm not so sure what happened in the end of season 3 but I think she take the job to make sure other girls won't suffer like her last replacement.
She is the perfect assassin. She has to kill people it's her job.

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How can one girl be so perfect
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Having godlike powers helps
That form has no such powers
I can't stop fapping to movie Haruhi send help

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They all deserve MC honestly.
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Not that one

Didn't the childhood friend give up on MC in this show? She prioritized her career instead. Good call

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Have you workshipped Krul today?
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I prefer this girl.
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Too bad she belongs to Krul now

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The waifu you're rooting for doesn't end up with the MC
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Waifu does not mean what you think it means.
Some people say they don't want their waifus to win, because then they're single, but that mindset is wrong. You should want the waifu to win so they're happy.
>worst girl wins over your favorite simply because of the first girl rule
It's beyond my understanding why the authors actually try to keep the "main" heroine bland as shit and still let her win in the end.

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