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I put off boku no hero for a while because it seemed like your typical generic shonen anime but one day I decided, what the hell let's check this anime out. For the most part, the anime was fairly generic, the characters seem black and white, you had heroes and you had villains. Hell, some of the characters were so 2 dimensional that they even went around calling themselves villains, I mean who even does that? The plot was fairly predictable, you have a protagonist that starts out weak and gradually gets stronger with every new challenge. For the most part everything was fairly straight forward, and yet I really liked the show. I don't know why but this show really hit me in the feels. Not many animes do that. I dunno if it's because I strongly identify with the underdog theme or if there is something else?
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>Boku no hero
You're talking about Boku no Pico
Execution is an intangible few people know how to articulate, and fewer still know how to properly appreciate.

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The anime "Baja no Studio" will be screen at the KyoAniDo Event.

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Looks really nice.

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ITT: Post pic of female character
Then rate [FUCK], [MARRY], or [RAPE]
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Was this wasted potential: the anime?
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So why did this show flop so hard? It wasn't good but to not rank on Oricon even once is pathetic.
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Are you really asking why MAYOIGA flopped? Really?
Yes. I remember sites and /a/ hyping it a lot when it was airing.
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>tfw Ami Wajima went on hiatus
What went wrong? Why didn't things go daijoubu?

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Rin is only 15 but her mind is older and when things get for real her warm heart turns cold.
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aint no such things has half way cucks
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Rin is cute
Why is her hair pink?

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New Basilisk anime - http://natalie.mu/comic/news/241391
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the one with rape and demon youkai?
By Gonzo?
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Damn, it was just few day that they announced manga adaptation of sequel. See the second upper on pic.
This truly escalated quickly.

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can we talk about how hajime no ippo is probably one of if not the best sports anime ever?
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I heard manga is better.
manga will never end, i can't even see it close to ending with the amount of characters and must fights for each aslo Ippo is a faggot that will never fuck Kumi and only have eyes for Miyata
>tfw Miura was George Morikawa's assistant
>they'll both be dead before finishing their manga
It's like a curse.

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Fuuka thread, we straight now.
Cakes > Penises
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Does he still love dick though?
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Fuuka II must have sapped his dicklust.
Grannys> cakes

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>this big house for just 3 people, including 1 kid

Wtf, I wanna work for TSAB now!
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Actas? It looks like their style
What's that?
Animation studio

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How do you feel about dark skin+light hair?
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My heart is not ready for the cuteness of this blonde.
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Goes well with shota or gangbang. Alternatively a findom loli with the same style.
A pretty shitty combination tb.h

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Why don't you guys talk about classic anime?

Why does everything have to be current generic kawaii romances, shitty exaggerated comedy battle shounens, and other trash?
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We already did.
Lurk more.
We do talk about it, but since it's classic anime that came out twenty years ago, there's not much new to talk about.

It's simple logic.

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Why does this middle schooler have such juicy thighs?
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My wife is not a middle schooler.
And stop taking pictures of her from under her desk!
Funny how they go all in trying to sexualize this show, but it just doesn't work when Nenecchi isn't around.
Nene has a dumb head

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This is Takumi, she is a gang leader. She also has the most beautiful smile out of all the idolmaster girls.
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the cutest cute
the coolest cool
the most passionate passion
This is Takumi.
Do you like
His car?
Was he one of those guys on Mt. Akina?

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how do you determine what type of Nen user you are?

Hisoka gave a explanation centered around personality. but some people say hes not a reliable source of information apparently.
with that said, lets share a bit about ourselves and others will assign you a fitting type.
be honest
>lazy, i will avoid doing something i dont want to if i can for the most part. or put it off till i get reprimanded.
>habitually late. im very bad at managing my time. much more of a night person.
>uncomfortable around large groups of people and attractive women. but around my friends i cut loose. i have a vulgar sense of humor. swearing, racism, violence, ect... are never going to stop being funny to me.
>manchild, love anime/manga, video games, drawing, d&d, and weed. former shoplifter.
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Nen is not real. Your blog belongs on >>>/soc/ or >>>/r9k/.
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well its anime related, right?
also do you just take it upon yourself to police threads?

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When does cour 2 come out on Netflix? I want everyone to know the glory of D I A N A !
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dude, i want stuff for a greentext, and i tend to make pure dialog ones because if i add actions it feels like fucking roleplaying.

plus i already decided to go with>>159948028
What about Akko and Diana go camping?

Nothing official yet. Netflix is a fucking mess.

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