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Wakana Slut.png
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this council president slut

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>best musician of the five
>wealthy but not greedy or elititst
>present but not oversized breasts
>great body and willing to cosplay in it
>passionate and curious about exploring the world
>loves surprises
>probably into kinky shit but will save it for the one she loves
>long, soft, silky hair

Tsumugi "Mugi" Kotobuki is absolutely perfect and the best member of Houkago Tea Time, and you literally cannot argue otherwise. Keep your forced BLACKED memes out of this thread, also.
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yeah no shit shes the best no one is arguing that
Anon, you know she's flawless when her haters only can fabricate her flaw based on non-canon bullshit doujin.
>non-canon bullshit
Also called "lies and slander".

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Someone picked up Shudan
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Why has there not been any recent news on season 3
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Because it's not airing for at least another year.
I don't know but I am so fucking excited for it. It feels like it's been so long since it was announced

I thought it was originally confirmed for 2017?
It's airing this winter

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While rushing on his way to school a young Japanese boy is hit by a speeding truck. Slowing feeling his life fade away he wishes he had a chance to start over and so the truck is reincarnated in an medieval fantasy world.
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>Japanese boy
>American truck

The boy just dies.
>American truck
>Manufacturer is owned by a German company and the plant that makes them is in Mexico.
>giving a fuck about these things
I fucking hate /pol/ so much.

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Chapter in 5 days. What are you expecting?
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An explanation as to why I have to wait so long for a new chapter
Do you mean a translated manga chapter 2 or something else?
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Chapter 3 and lewd maids.
I can give you that now, no TL-kun.

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Why are there so few intelligent brute characters in anime? It's always so cliche. It's like you're either a smartass nerd or a dumb muscle.
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Because they would be broken.

Powerful and intelligent is a lethal combination usually reserved for the final boss.

Smart characters are only ever as smart as the people writing them.
>non-anime images in /a/
>Why are there so few intelligent brute characters in anime?
Watch more anime.

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Anime ending or manga ending?
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Live action movie ending
>L wins
>No Near
Light died in both anime and manga so I don't see the difference.
Don't tell me you're one of those people who think "person dies" is all there is to a story. The context is way different

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"No one watches your show"
That better not be a cliffhanger.
I'm a sucker for any romance shows. But something about the art style of this show is really off-putting.

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Anyone else looking forward for the upcoming adult version of best girl?
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Theres time skip?
Didn't she turn on Lelouch?
Definitely, at least 2 years, long enough for Sumire to grow some nice eleven booty.

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How fit is your waifu?
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her mind is more fit than any body

and she's still hot
She hates working out more than anything.
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Enough to kick my ass

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Post genki girls being sad/abused/etc
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Cirno is pretty genki.
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sad haruhi.png
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I need more Haruhis

Not for sexual reasons
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Mango popularity poll:
>1st: Protagonist
>2nd: Older male teacher/leader/role model
>3rd: Heroine
>4th: Rival
>5th: A pokemon

Tell me again why BC's fan base is terrible and have shit taste?
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>no mimosa
Fucking plebs
Most of BC's fanbase is literally underage.
Nero is a cool bird tho

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What is the worst graphics you have seen in an anime?
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Aku no Rotoscope.
what were they even thinking when doing this episode
I think it had a different director

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