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*cockblocks your date*
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ok I'll date her instead
I'll block her with my cock, if you know what I mean.

Deaf girl can watch as long as she shuts up.
dont you even dare

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Who is your favorite yuri slut, and why is it the 9th rank urara Koume?
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The world loves Nono
+ Twintails
+ Is a bitch
+ Rich
+ Jelly rolls

- None
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Koume is not a slut.

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I miss them a lot guys
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did they fuck?
a lot
See you in Fall

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What are some OPs/EDs that make you suffer a nostalgia attack?
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It will be almost 10 years

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Raws came out fairly late this week, but they came out nonetheless.

This chapter is/was a pain to translate because of a specific phrase, which we'll get to - down the line. Let us begin at the beginning, for now.

>The standing man is cut...
>Baki Dou
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>Audience: Oh, shit!
>A: He cut him!
>A: He cut him again!!!
>Musashi: Hmm.
>A: Eeeee!
>A: How many times has he been cut!?
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>Narrator: The cutting down of a human...
>N: Is a special event.
>N: Such things are only ever seen in historical plays.
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>N: Eye-witness of the scene, Numadate Shuuichi (age 22)
>Shuuichi: Yeah, I saw it happen.
>S: The guy cutting him.
>S: I'd never seen that before.
>S: I couldn't watch a person get cut again.
>S: Well, it's not often that I see katana, anyway.
>S: The sound...
>S: What it sounded like...?
>S: Well... It...

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>come home
>see this
what to do?
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Join them and relax under the kotatsu.
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fuck off.jpg
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Continue my day like its normal.

This is Chihaya. She's an idol. Say something nice to her!
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Bring out Miki
Best idoru.
Imagine is too damn good to be her seiyuu!

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So, Hokuto no ken can really drag, and the passing can be slow with no point at points.

Is any list of episodes that have mostly the good stuff, or something.

I love it, but other people wouldnt be pattient enough to get to Toki....

or is there a Hokuto edit of the old show to make it shorter?
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just skip 2 minutes ahead whenever one of the kids is on screen and talking.

Watching ken slaughter everything in his path with a voice pitched higher than most women can do is amusing and rewarding in its own way.

Just take it slow, don't try to marathon watch episodes.
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I mean, sure there is movies and other stuff...
But I like alot the music of the original and some scenes are strongs than some of the remakes.
>I love it, but other people wouldnt be pattient enough to get to Toki....

Their problem. If they are not manly enough to support some fillers they can go fuck themselves.

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You're absolutely right, but interestingly enough, Makoto and Rei are also the best girls.
All girls are best girl in Sailor Moon, even Fish Eye.
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Even Chibi-Usa will grow up to be best girl.

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You know it's true!!1
He would just be a totally generic loli though. We have enough magic lolis.
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Bitch JKs are the best!

I was at a bookstore with a friend today and I saw this manga called Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea and it looked cute as fuck so I impulse the complete edition (I guess it got canned or axed since it seems to be only a couple chapters). Anyone hear of it or like it? I'm actually pretty excited to read it, and I know when I'm done I'll be mad as fuck and want more.
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sal smile.jpg
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Fun for the whole family!
Nice! Personally since I played the game, I don't really have a reason to buy the manga. But have fun reading it! Read it with your friends as well.
I saw a thread about it on /jp/ once. All I know is that there's rape.

Angel wings keep the host warm in cold climates, but what evolutionary advantage do bat wings bring?
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ero zone
They could be used to regulate heat. Or maybe they didn't appear until humanity was already the dominate species and there was no need for them to bring an advantage to continue existing.

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Was it really that bad? Do the people who hate this hate Ranma 1/2 as well?
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Yes, it was really that bad.
Ranma was an episodic comedy. Inuyasha wasn't. Apples and oranges.
Ranma was a great show. Inuyasha sucks
My cousin liked it. I saw a few of the movies and they weren't too bad. Maybe you can try to watch a few eps yourself.
It did a lot to differentiate itself from other shonen. The pacing just sort of falls apart after 30 episodes.

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Chu Chu Yeah!
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Are the black bars covering dicks?
Could someone please post the Kanna bulling image where he tail is cut off and she's begging for food?
fucking catchy song it got me for weeks

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This fucking movie is so shit.

How could they not remember each others name?
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>forced drama
It's a Shinkai film, what were you expecting?
probably because "I love you" is not an actual name

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