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>Man in the reflective surface
>The grateful deceased
>The sex handguns
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>the place in the desert that actually has water
>the discographic publishing that is the opposite of black

>assassination queen
>unexpected cardiovasculat malfunction
>someone else has dirt in their mouth
>head of the Monarchy in a blood red color
>vegetal colored rotation of the Earth
>maker of air things

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What's her fucking problem?
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Is she drunk or something?
She browses imageboards enough to be aware of just how inferior she is to a bunch of her rivals and that she will be dumped sooner or later.

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No KyoAni award contest this year, returns next year for the 10th awards. They're making some changes but not saying what kind yet.

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Given that the awards are basically glorified writing contests and in the years it has existed there's been a grand total of one winner, this isn't exactly surprising. There's probably only so much Kadokawa rejects they can get, and most of them probably already did the web novel route.
I think Tamako is hands down the best Kyoani girl.
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satoshi smug.jpg
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>Implying that being rejected by Kadokawa is necessarily a bad thing.

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Waka is a big guy.
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second season never
Kashima best girl.

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You just came back to your room and Ume-sama is on top of you're waifu. They both make out.

How do you react?
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Women don't count, so whatever.
Rather, I fuck them both to establish my alphaness.
Start fapping in the corner because I'm a mega kek
Join in.

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how do we stop Botan?
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Just leave it to the mangaka
This is not ok.
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It's gonna be a Botan win.

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the great debate. who wins
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What debate? HxH is obviously better you fag
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gon-san would wipe the floor with all might

This show is the new prison school
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But it's actually trash.(but not the gals ofc)
im a true blooded gyaru supporter but my heart is swaying, that hime there looks like a formidable opponent.

Tiddymonster on the other hand is truely a mere object, I wont even look at her face when I watch the show, she isnt personified, Its all down to Gyaru1 Gyaru2 and Hime from here on out.

It's green green 2: more outrageous and more unbelievable than the first

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First four pages leaked!
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Those are cute girls, cant wait for them to be bred.
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Ok, one page is probably missing here.
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This probably won't be so much friendly eating as in Konosuba.

One of these threads.

New season stuff preferred.
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Yeah sure lad.
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Opinion on akame ga kill
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Manga>>>>> Anime
Mine was the best girl.
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One of those rare shounen where best girl wins.

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Waiting for BDs.webm
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>BDs ship in 5 days
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Well i Hope dhl doesnt fuck up my Order like last time
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Lost It.webm
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They probably could have milked this mediocre movie for another year.

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God no, wanpiss threads are cancerous enough already.
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The wind is troubled today...
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Check em
But this wind is weeping just a little~

Isekai done right.
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not healthy.jpg
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also isekai done in 20 pages, most of which is censored loli dicking..
Please always protect the cute elf when she is attacked by orcs!
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Praise the gods

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