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Was she the best part of SAO?
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The first episodes.
Then it's all downhill.
Sugu's breasts are
two years old semen pouring inside

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Does he still love Ajimu?
Usual Nisio shitty ending. Why people still buy his work.

Is this the most heart wrenching scene in anime?
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That tsundere bitch deserved everything bad that happened to her.
>Finally realizes that here mother was with her all along
>It wasn't enough
>Gets torn to shreds for Shinjis sake

Why not?
Fuck no. It's the most boner inducing, though.

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Who is the best character and why it's Ranta?
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That answer is always Ranta.

Mary a shit and deserved to die like an animal.

Yume is still a retard and literal shit. Kuzaku is useless. Shihoru is a turbocunt with a shit magic list. Haru needs an ass-kicking and to stop sniffing panties like the beta bitch he is.

That should about cover it.
Actually according to spoilers she is still alive.
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No, according to spoilers she's dead and Haru's going to try and rez her with some creepy dude's help. Never mind they've already said necromancy is a huge no-no and not a native magic to Grimgar.

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I've been thinking of picking this up; what does /a/ think of it?
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Do it.
it's intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor
Great horror mango till halfway. Then it becomes more lighthearted and instead of being scary it becomes more of a "look at this crazy shit Fran did today."
Still pretty good.

Does Android 18 poop? Or even eat? My guess is that she can eat food and that's the only time she has to poop.
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Anon, I know Krillin is voiced by Luffy, but he wouldn't ask that to her.
She can poop in my mouth and eat my semen all day long.
Girls don't poop, anon

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How do you actually feel about Pokemon?

It's unironically my favourite Anime.
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The manga is better.
Pokemon's great until after Johto where the original director leaves and the anime becomes boring and edgeless.
pokemon origins was kino
the anime lost its way after so many seasons and change of sidekicks

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Just as a necessary reminder.
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All Keions are best Keions. It's just some are more best than others.

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I like Riko.
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Rin from [email protected] CG > Muse >> 768pro >>>>>>> rest of the Cinderella girls >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aquors
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I like 3dpd riko

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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More important than the actual plot desu
I don't care about it.

How much more MAXIMUM can his power get?
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DBS fags should be moved out of the board.
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The donuts Jiren... Hand em over
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.

>is a pointless clumsy blushing tsundere moebait character the entire show
>revealed to be a 24 billion years old 40 dimensional alien mahou shoujo from outer space later near the end of the show

I'm getting goosebumps from how mad i am.
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>another BTFOed Fujo
You're in for one hell of a ride, better start liking her.
I liked that twist because I didn't see it coming at all.

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The great debate.
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jojo stone ocean forward is a bit too FABULOUS for my tastes...

Why are space anime so rare these days?
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I don't think there any rarer than they used to be. Other than Gundam i'm not sure there's ever been that much space anime.
It was all the rage in the 70s because the Space Race was still fresh in memory, as well as Expo '70 in Osaka having key impact on a fair number of people. Given that space exploration during the era kind of peaked with the Moon landings, interest probably just waned over time ever since.

Basically, we probably need to put someone on Mars to get the zeitgeist fired up for space again, or at least make some major strides towards it.

Return of Star Wars may be enough to push some people to make more space stories.

Thoughts on the original Casshan?
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I think it's a forced meme show because you keep spamming it like an autistic spic Redditor
Kill yourself xPearse
Somebody sure sounds triggered.

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