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What would the blowjob feels like?

Is it possible to make her go ahegao?
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Why is she and pic related so damn similar?
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Nothing because she acknowledges no superior.

No because she views you as dirt.
Am I the only one that think this "nigress lips" as a turn off?

It's streaming live right now, getting ready for them to make the announcement about the anime coming back!

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live shot
Are we still fooling ourselves?
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Is this truly the greatest anime of all time?
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Its definitely the best shonen of all time.
You should watch more anime
FMA is the best shonen of all time
RoV is the best shojou of all time
CCS is the best magical girl show of all time
Aria is the best SoL of all time
Gundam is the best mecha of all time
Ashita no Joe is the best sports show of all time
NGE is the best Sci-Fi show of all time

These are objective facts. You can't prove me wrong.

Opinion on tokyo ghoul
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It was pretty enjoyable to me. It was one of my favorites for that season. Never understood why some hated it or the protagonist. I never saw the second season or read the manga though. I'm considering reading the manga one day, perhaps when it is complete. I would rather read it all in one go.

Since it would be silly to exoect avoiding spoilers in a place like this I found out about Kaneki and Touka despite not reading any of the manga at all. I thought it was hilarious and a little sad how people flipped out over it and got angry.
second season is fanfic garbage

manga is good

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ITT: girls you managed to protect
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this makes me sad as fuck. please protect at all cost
Would she date a beautiful lesbian?
I would if the only other option is ugly bald fatfag.

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How can we improve isekai?
So far we have reincarnated as a sword, a vending machine, or an onsen in which the girls bath with fantasy settings. There is even an isekai game where you become a panty to fight other panties and rescue the world.
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Kill the setting for 10 years.
Kill all the authors.
Bring back the old Isekai such as Eien Shinken.

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>You didn't forget about me, did you Anon?
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So do you think Stocking is entirely in the M camp of S&M or is there wiggle room there for switching?
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Of course, she's a demon after all.
>hair has an inside color different from the outside color.
Explain this shit

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Mako best grill.


>no thread
What the hell, /a/


> The official Twitter account for the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha franchise announced on Saturday that the second of the two announced films in the franchise is titled Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation. The film is slated for 2018. The Twitter account also revealed two visuals.
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We had a huge thread yesterday and still waiting for spoilers. plus no one wants to make a Nanoha thread with bitchfag still around
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There was a thread but Bitch-kun took it over and made it his personal shitbox. Like Anon said, most of us are waiting for someone to drop details.

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The cutest
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Heaven looks like a fucking mess, we need king cheerios to clean house there too
From now on I'm going to pray to Ridwan!
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How would this look like for virgin soul?

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You guys are alright, don't go to Universe 4 tonight.
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
Universe 4 fag detected.

How does it feel to know Zeno-sama is erasing you next?

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ITT things that are ruining anime and manga
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I unironically enjoyed this adaptation. I enjoyed the strangeness of the rotoscoping and thought it added a little something extra to Oshimi's naturally unsettling stories.
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Me too anon.

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Why even live?
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This timeline is the wrong timeline.

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Anyone else looking forward to this?

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>we want the Your Name audience
>directed by Mari Okada

lol no
Its a movie, just like any other movie after the rip got subbed I probably have forgotten it and toss it in the backlog.

Please leave.
>Mari Okada

I'd rather pay to watch the SAO movie.

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