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How do you feel about Aoko?
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She gets a lot of criticism, but I think she's a wonderful prototype.
She has two very nice eyes.
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Why do japanease people look so shocked when they watch ballet?

theres a new dancing manga being translated by the way.
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Does anyone on here even read manga anymore?
Call me when translations for Swan start up again.
>first chapter translated today
>posted in the middle of the night for the Murricas
>all the post says is "there's a ballet manga"
Did you expect people to swarm out of the woodwork, or what? You could have at least mentioned it was by Cuvie, that'd probably turn a few more heads.

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New chapter is out.
Will Haru forgive Legosi-kun?
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Opinions of this show?
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I love it. One of my favorites.
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It is absolutely exquisite. You don't even need to be a tokufag to enjoy it.
Best release for it? Apparently some stuff isn't subbed?

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Kind of depressed how fake she was actually acting throughout that whole journey, it was simply a punch to the guts. But that aside, I can't believe such an amazing anime went under my radar!! Whitefox equals quality everytime.
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Spoiler: She did love him
It's not that great
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>Whitefox equals quality everytime
Yeah about that

What is your opinion of CG in anime?
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It's shit most of the time.
And when it is good?
You answered your own question.

CGI isn't inherently flawed, it's just hard to make it look good, and it's usually used in anime in the cheapest and tackiest way possible.

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Guys Guys Guys Holy shit!

There's a Kud Wafter anime adaption crowdfunding project going on!


I can't read any of this, how do I back it guys?
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The emergence of a crowdfunding campaign seeking to create an anime adaptation of Little Busters spin-off “Kudo Wafter” (which is based around beloved foreigner Noumi Kudryavka) has managed to generate over $188000 in a single day, about 70% of its ridiculous goal of ¥30,000,000 ($267,697)

J.C. Staff will be receiving a portion of the money to animate the series, which is apparently part of a celebration that will honor the 10th anniversary of the adored Little Busters franchise – a 5 minute PV of the anime adaptation has also been unleashed.

apparently it's ending September 29th, so 70 days from now
How is Key not dead yet?

I heard this boy makes /a/ sweat and question their sexuality, it is true?
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>question my sexuality

Nope. I'm 100% straight but if I met a boy like that I'd dick him down good and hard and there's no shame in that.
Nope. Girls only, no penises allowed
>Question my sexuality
I've know I was gay way back since Ed from Cowboy Benop

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What a wonderful video. I feel rejuvenated.

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How's it feel know that this will never have an ending
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the small group survives
saeko fucks her black haired man and kills zombies
fat guy commits suicide after losing mall waifu
saya joins the train and fucks black haired man
they repopulate the country slowly making a clan of zombie killing warriors
all their offspring grow into super athletic perfect 10/10 body girls with logic defying breast physics and tactical prowess, one son who is spitting image of father and wants to protect his sisters
saeko teaches swordplay to offspring
the end
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Saya Oriha.jpg
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Can't the artist continue it on his own?
The guy is a god
Did the creator give up on it or something?

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Tenchi Muyo thread?
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I want to cum inside Ryoko.
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Ryoko OG waifu.
(Post more, I'm collecting for an itabaiku project)
Dumping, to start

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download (6).jpg
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Are they ruining anime?
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No. Only a pseudo intellectual retard would think an anime studio is ruining anime.
This 100%. Just because A1 made some shitty anime it doesn't mean they're literally killing anime.
Eromanga-sensei just aired. They're not ruining anime, they're saving it

They could not have made him any uglier. Truly awful.
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The manga is better, as usual.
Those line weights are atrocious. You must be joking.

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Does /a/ have a bloomers fetish?
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No but I have an swimsuit fetish
this. also a female underwear fetish
no but I have a thigh fetish

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>Onizuka was never your teacher growing up
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I know that feel my dude, in fact 100% of the world knows that feel.
<5% of /a/ has ever watched an anime from the /a/ wiki.

We will have like <10 IPs senpai.
But the anime was great, loved the redhead with big tits.
You mean Tomoko? She was super cute despite being slow. Like myself

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