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Let's have a real talk about anime dubs.
Which ones work well? Are there any qualities in an anime that make it more or less acceptable to be dubbed?
KanColle got a dub recently and it's horrible.
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>Which ones work well?
They don't.
Posting an example of a bad dub is as redundant as posting an example of an anime that is animated
I listen to dub only to laugh at VA and forget about my pathetic life for a brief moment.

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Will Velvet have her own anime?
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Almost surely not, but that would be nice.
>wanting an anime with a 16 years-old female main character whose edge can destroy the world

please, gay hentai of Zestiria would be less disgusting
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unnamed (1).png
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what's not to like tovarisch?
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abyss dick.jpg
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>translator makes a 12 year old girl use an adult scientific term like "penis"
>when she clearly said "chin chin", which in-context would be more accurately translated as "wiener"

does this piss off anyone else?
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>scientific term
She didn't say penis engine, though?
It pisses me off way more that they used 'hollow' for nare no hate while the manga translation had specifically avoided it.

'Cave raiders' is also questionable.
>hey used 'hollow' for nare no hate while the manga translation had specifically avoided it.
why? because "dark souls reference XD"?

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Nah, that part was fine. The next page is where they added the shitty breast-envy gag of eternal cockblocking.
I've never had a problem with a series suddenly becoming shit
That series was shit since the first chapter.

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will you be her nii nii?
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No she ded
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beause she needs her nii nii
Only if she agrees to take baths with me.

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What did Yui mean by this?
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She meant that my wife is gentle, soft, and the cutest thing ever.
She's mean, though and ugly
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See that's where you're wrong though anon-kun

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I wish I were a ghost.

I literally wouldn't mind being a ghost forever.

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Would you worship her?
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I would worship her butt
I worship real gods

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>Touko is more popular than Miss Blue
Aoko fags blown the fuck out.

>Witch on the Holy Night will never be translated
Suck it faggots, Your game is dead alongside with her character
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>Touko is more popular than Miss Blue
Good to hear that, She needs more love.
she hot like a hot pocket nigga
Dirty Red.

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Time for a CG in anime thread.
Are you ready for the future of anime?
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JoJo ASB's opening is fucking cool.

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Daily reminder that Eriri is fucking annoying and worst girl ever, wouldn't even rape this bitch
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Megumi is even worse.
I hope you wouldn't rape any girl, shit or not
Where do you think you are faggot?

Looks like the earlier thread died, but now subs are out.
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Truly horrible subs
I blame the ripper not properly handling the sub metadata.

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Just watched this in theaters.

Holy FUCK is this movie overrated. Not only was the theater filled with a bunch of fucking children ruining the experience, but the movie had absolutely no conflict. The thread about her wanting new clothes to fit in with other people wasn't resolved, and the ending was contrived as fuck. It was just a bunch of self-contained stories that might have worked as a mini-series but certainly not as a feature film. There was very little growth other than her wanting to save this one dude, did she ever find her passion? Her inspiration? There was no conflict with other human beings other than initial hestiation to interact with them. Absolute garbage IMO.

Any fellow anons have a better experience?
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Jiji is my waifu
This isnt uncommon Miyazaki movies. They vast majority of them has good visuals but shoddy writing and cradboard characters. Kikis and Totoro are just the worst offenders. Many people will call you contrarian because these movies are often treated like same holy grail, but youre not alone in dislike this overrated shit. Kikis bowtie is cute, though.
It's not that kind of movie.

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>when you apologize, you need to show your navel
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When you chug down a drink, you gotta put a lot of expression in your enjoyment
school bells all sound the same
door to roof is always open but nobody is there
no means yes.

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