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Why isn't there more talk about this anime?
Just finished it and thought it was super comfy.
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>why don't people talk about an anime that aired a year ago

You're a year late. Sage and lurk more
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I thought it was good enough to warrant being talked about even after a year
nigga you've been making these threads like twice a days for the past like 5 days now

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>adult woman
>looks like Mugi
How does KyoAnus keep getting away with their samfeface syndrome? Do they not notice?
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Oh so all blond haired blue eyed white girls look the same to you? That's racist.
She looks like Nero from Fate/Extra with Kyoaniface.
>looks like Mugi
She's missing the BBC protruding out of her anus though. Eyebrows too.

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So when exactly did this manga go from being "social retard girl perpetually fucks up making friends" to being "Tomoko's Weird Lesbian Harem"?
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Kyoto trip.
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Also, what the fuck is wrong with this girl?
Yandere in training.

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What did you think about this anime?
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Why didn't they just make him black? It's so painfully obvious that that's what they were going for but seems like they pussied out.
There aren't many blacks in Japan
There aren't many whites in Japan either but that doesn't stop them filling shows with Caucasian characters.

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satania in av.jpg
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Is satania a slut? Discuss.
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is satania stupid?
No, she's faithful to me.
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Satania is for bullying.

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Why aren't you watching the most comfy and hunger-inducing show of the season?
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Fuck off.
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But I'm. No need to bait me into replying.
Because it has a filthy fucking vegan elf in it.


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West or East?
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East makes my pee pee hard
West makes my pee pee hard

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Why aren't you watching the anime of the season produced by madhouse, /a/?
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Did they really need to shoehorn in Japanese self inserts on this show? I'm sure there are many marvel jap superheroes. Why couldn't they adapt them
most of the nips marvel superheroes are mutants and Disney hates the mutants so their pushing inhuman more so yes they had to self insert
this can't be fucking real. I watch anime to get away from capeshit, but somehow it followed. Fucking great

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Turn A is best gundam

You can prove me wrong
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I can't
Wrong. Show me a Gundam (not mobile suit, Gundam) that has a mustache that would out-moustache a slav. You can't.
Is this bait?

I tried watching Turn A and dropped at the episode they spent 20 minutes using the robots to carry cows.


If I download something that has giant robots on the cover I want to see them shooting shit and not carrying cows.

Why does Bo-BoBo never get the respect it deserves? It is by far the greatest, most hilarious manga ever created, yet they still won't release the whole series in English for some reason. Is there even any other manga that can compare? It puts Excel Saga, Cromartie, Sgt. Frog, Shin Chan, and every other comedy to shame.
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>Nose hair!
>Existential suffering!
I won't ask you to go back to where you came from, but please do not exaggerate and call it the best comedy ever. It's average good.
The dub was unironically fantastic
Angel Dinsetsu
Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise)

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What does /a/ thinks about Pride?
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Edgy kid.
I prefer Wrath

How do you 'date' someone for a year without realizing he thinks it was all a joke?
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Autism, anon. The answer is always autism.
Because Japanese language is prone to misunderstandings.
This show is comfy AF. It's like a condensed version of my favorite parts of romance anime.

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Did you get this reference /a/?

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First it was girls in tanks and girls with guns.
Then it was ships as girls and now its guns as girls. Why is anime so /k/ in recent years?
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>and now its guns as girls
Upotte was 5 years ago.
Upotte was already guns as girls.

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Is this the ultimate hardcore anime?

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Not even close. M.D Geist had the reputation of being one of the worst anime ever or a reason.
It has one of the best soundtracks as far as 80s OVAs go, but you have to be braindead to think that either OVA was good.
I unironically enjoyed the first OVA. Probably because I applied 80s standards when watching it.

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