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What do you think is the worst show of the season? Here's my vote. It's just boring and there are no cute girls or otherwise decent characters. Food is shit too.
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Yuri NTR show is probably the worst
inb4 screeching comfyfags
This desu

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Plain is perfect.
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it's a cartoon drawing
>ywn be her housewife
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>you will never have a normal girlfriend

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Even better if the MC is barely hanging on...
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It's already been done. A lot as a matter of fact.
Isekai isn't just some new thing that started recently. It's old as fuck. And MCs who were completely out of their depth and barely surviving was fairly fucking common if not the majority.
Full on transported to a new world where the MC is OP as fuck was sort of a bad thing in media for a long ass time.
This new thing is actually quite fun if you find some bit of guilty pleasure that you yourself will enjoy.
They won't, they can't have isekai without wish-fulfillment fantasy now
When will you raise your powerlevel

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Why haven't you re-watched Flip Flappers yet? Who knows, you might actually understand the main plot a little better the 2nd time around.
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Haven't watched it yet, it's on the backlog senpai
There's nothing deep about this show
Also haven't watched it yet. I wait until GJM has finished the BR releases.
t. quality autist

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haruhi get dubs.jpg
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Why is she so perfect /a/?
>Cheerful spunky attitude
>Seems like a bitch at first, but once you get know her you begin to sympathize even love her for who she is
>Great hair
>literally has more depth, personality than 90% of the women in the world
I'm not gonna lie /a/ I just spent $50 on the light novels, hardcover, and I wonder: will I ever meet a girl as perfect as Haruhi Suzumiya?
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Off by one
i doubt you will ever talk to one in the first place.
Nice two personality traits listed.

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This is pretty damn good. Alucard's design is amazing and the fight scenes are fun. Anyone else enjoying it so far?
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Inb4 the /a/utism police shows up
its funny how canada is making better anime than japan at this point
>anti-christian propaganda
how about no

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Remember when Naruto was actually kind of okay?
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But man, I wish I ignored my friends when they said to me to read this shit like 12 years ago when people started translating it.
chunin exams was goat

>male shoujo authors

Is this actually real or just an urban legend? Every time I've found one on MU it turns out to be a mislabeling.
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Patalliro's author is a man.
Oh yeah, I forgot that shoujo as a genre was pretty much started by men. I should've said "modern shoujo".
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Wada Shinji existed.

Alright, I'm using your thread since I said I'd repost this this weekend anyway. Here's the current draft of a chart we were working on last week. AMDD, Itazura na Kiss, and Oremonogatari are coming off unless there are objections, Red River and Banana Fish might too, and pending additions include KareKano, Toshokan Sensou, Akuma to Dolce, Karakuri Odette, Hana no Namae, and Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare, among some other stuff I'm probably forgetting. Give opinions.

Apparently he's married and has kids, too. Didn't expect that.

The dominated-by-men era was well before Patalliro, though.

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Did she make a right decision in choosing Kanai over Mugi ?
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Did Hanabi dodge a bullet when Narumi married Akane?
Why ?

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Why is this author so edgy?
I just read umibe no onnanoko and it was a little too much. Really had some unnecessary scenes
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because they write as therapy, to express their own dysfunctional life and diseased mind. Only people with similar hangups can get anything from this sort of work.
He could have accomplished all that without the shit eating scene
Why was punpun such a fag?

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Make it an Isekai with a harem and an MC that is super young so he is inexperienced for the situation and just sweats instead of doing anything

[Spoiler]One of the harem members has to be a dude.[/spoiler]
Twin tail tsundere with flat boob
Tournament arc

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No thread? No release? What is happening?
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no subs
was wondering the same
What the hell
There's a hardsubbed version right now. Someone need to rip it till the other one is up.

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Is this even legal?
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if the amish are allowed to do it then probably
That's a depressing truth about rural area in Japan.
>General population growth is negative
>Young people are moving to Tokyo to get jobs
In ye olde days of my cunt schools were organised like this, yes.

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There used to be so many series happening in space. What happened?
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The 90's ended
90s were space. 00s were school.

Now is the age of iskei
Moeshit happened.

Although why we can't have moeshit in space instead of school is beyond me.

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Werewolves of London
I love that stupid song
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>no S2 announcement at the event today

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