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This is Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan that got his own movie!

Say something nice about him.
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The blue hair look is cooler than beefcake mode
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damn right

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Is this really the world Lelouch wanted? A world ruled by lolis?
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i find this very dangerous and impractical. Any sane man that holds power for too long later gets corrupted by it one way or another.
Those are no men
...wouldn't you?

>superior 2D-based CGI exists
>studios opt for shitty 3D geometry-based CGI instead


There is no excuse, Euclid isn't even that expensive.
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The environment and everything below the neck in those videos are all 3D.

The problem with mixing 2D and 3D graphics is that it's difficult to determine how they should interact. Like in the second video, Asuka's body was colliding with her arm, but parts of her hair were either in front or in back of her arm because her air is just a flat image perpendicular to the line of sight of the viewer.

Either Live2D-style CGI would have to be limited to just textures like the face or everything would have to be 2D.
So what's the catch with the whole body being textures?
I want my cave paintings to look like cave paintings, not video games.

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Friendly reminder that traps are just girls with a bigger clitoris and a tighter (ass)pussy.
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>no boobs
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Cease now!!!!!
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agreed OP

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Nowhere, hopefully.
Hopefully its hiding behind winter.
>Nowhere, hopefully.
anon, you're on a website that fucking loved it when it came out.

Precure Thread
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Wow what beautiful animation
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I'm sad that we're missing out on all the beautifully sculpted back muscles the series is known for.
necklets, when will they learn
How about you stop being retarded and check the airing chart?

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What the fuck happened to the original kid when the dead freak took over his body?
He was already dead on that trip?
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Anon what the fuck are you talking about?
Have you ever heard of the term isekai?
Theres a concept used in it called reincarnation.
Retarded secondarie or shitty speedreader?
The freak was BORN as the white hair trap in another world.

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You know how to play Guilty Gear right anon?
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I don't have any friends.

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+1 if it's from the manga
+2 if its shonen characters
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define non usual

man are you really this dumb?
just meaning not the clothes they always wear, since anime characters usually have one outfit they wear the whole series duration

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Wow, this movie was fucking great. So here's my theory...
The mother hired the otaku to mess with her so she would become an idol again since she doesn't want her to be an actress as shes living through her daughters idol persona. I guess all the murders were committed by the mother as well, either that or it was all for the TV Show
Anymore stuff from this director I should check out?
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Guys please perfect blue thread
File: stopspoonfeeding2.png (6KB, 979x104px)Image search: [Google]
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>Anymore stuff from this director I should check out?
Lurk more, /a/ isn't your personal search engine. There are plenty of resources you can use to answer vapid questions like this. And don't bump your fucking thread for no reason, learn to accept a lack of replies with grace.

Where the fuck do you people even come from anyways?
Doesn't look very moe.

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post this on saturday night.jpg
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Hey everybody, its Saturday Night! How are ya doing?
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I'm about to stand up.
Can you feel the beat?
Why is this man eating a dry leaf?

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mating press
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Why do chinks love Umaru so much?
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File: DFQtCFIUQAEGiUh.jpg (176KB, 1200x900px)Image search: [Google]
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Here's the pic from when Umaru's VA attended bilibili world a few days ago
She said over 300k chinks watched it live, or maybe it's the amount of comments.
I don't understand why anybody likes that trash.
File: ferrari.jpg (60KB, 440x621px)Image search: [Google]
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Because she is literal perfection

File: nukyoani.jpg (492KB, 1056x1139px)Image search: [Google]
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Are they ever going to get their shit back together?
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Munto? Really?
Air was a bad adaptation. Also, reminder that Yukito was in Clannad (pic related)
all the new shows are great imo

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