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Left or right?
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>desperate to please
>always rubbing ass on crotch

i bet she takes it at full force
Right for anal, Left also for anal
>gave her a teddy
>she want him so badly that she changed herself just so he would fuck her
It doesn't work like that, right?

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How come nobody talks about this gem?
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Because Yamakan is a one hit wonder and the main girl is a slut or something.
not a virgin
Same reason nobody talks about Kokoro Connect: scandals killed discussion.

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ss (2017-07-22 at 06.34.51).png
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Why is Nashimoto so cute?
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Boring couple
I can never read her chapters.
I care so little about that couple along with the band guys.
She's cute

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Isn't Kirino only 14?
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Bad proportions.
"only" 14? 14 is almost too old.
14 is like 4 years too old.

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Crazy Person.jpg
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Why isn't anyone talking about this crazy person wanting to bring barely legal cyclops hentai to the west?
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one eye is fine, but why does it always have to big fuckhuge? Eyes are kinda gross.
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>g barely legal
There aren't any laws for cyclops anon, trust me. I'm a lawyer.
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What's wrong with liking monoeye girls?

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First chapter is up. Seems like the rare type of isekai.
>no menu
>no stats
>no harem
>weak protagonist
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Lets hope it doesn't go to shit later on eh?
Are we collecting rare isekais now?
It's not Fantasy?

That's actually kinda interesting.

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Hey /a/ selamat pagi
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She would make the worst wife.
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>there are people who consider Krulcifer attractive

How does this work?
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By not being gay.
>considering a boy attractive
>not being gay
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Celestia a bst. A BEST.

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What is this?
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Pure girls doing pure things
A bunch of bitches trying to ruin the relationship between the MC and the main girl.
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tags: corruption, gyaru, shortstack, femdom

Prisma Illya or Fate Illya?
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>Fate Illya
Prisma. Fate's is never going to have a good ending.

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First few sketches have been revealed. Can't fear your own world is confirmed to be a series of novels. Manga characters will appear in Brave Souls. Second third of part seven has been translated. Hanatora's brother confirmed to be traitor. Mayuri is reanimating several dead Sternritter.
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So more than two novels? Nice. That means more sketches. Hopefully Narita is able to wrap-up what Kubo couldn't in terms of the plot.
When you have so many unanswered questions that even three novels are not enough.
Oh wow Bambi is coming back?

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God damn. Miura's digital art is fucking pathetic. The drawings are so uncanny it's almost fucking creepy.
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It really does look like those fan art colours they put on mangastream before the actual chapters begin
I thought it was fucked up cosplay from the thumbnail.
But then again, nothing new Miura is a shit artist.
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I don't know how he's able to look at the image on the left and think to him "damn, that looks great, let's get it published!"

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>loli thread
>anon complains about spoilers in the Made in Abyss threads
>attempt to commiserate by pointing out that mods stamp out everything that offends them while ignoring the rule against spoilers
>"this thread no longer exists"
I am legitimately calling out all mods and janitors on /a/. Why do you people chose to never ever enforce local rule 3.
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The same fucking thread as always. Fuck off
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This is what I dislike about certain seasonal shows.

>Show gets adapted.
>NEVER gets discussed on /a/ at all if rarely any time.
>Suddenly it's spoiler central when the anime airs and about 50 people know what's happening.

It's annoying but honestly if they want to discuss the source material that's fine, No point filtering them because anime only want to discuss as well.

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It's starting January 18th!!!

Escanor's Seiyuu is Tomokazu Sugita
Matrona's Seiyuu is Rina Satō

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Truly unexpected.
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It better do the Manga art justice this time.

Midriff thread continued
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