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What the fuck was his problem?
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Besides being the best villain in the show?
even at 15% he was perfect
he was stronk

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>anime where literally every single female is either a gigantic, neurotypical bitch or simply fucked in the head
How did they get away with this?
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Sounds pretty realistic.
Get away with what? Fuck off.
Get away with achieving mild success with something that includes zero of what the industry is ruled by, perfect and flawless girls, maybe?

I understand this is a kids show.
But there is nothing redeemable or likable or relatabile to these characters.
How can people (not ironically) defend them?
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I hate their character design. Shit looks scribbled.
it's fap material, nothing more nothing less
As if the lesbian friend isn't something straight out of your moe series.

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futa cock and girl.png
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Seriously wtf?
Read it here: https://comic.pixiv.net/works/2331
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if this is gay shit I will punch you in the mouth
futa love is not gay you humongoloid faggot
Which of the two has the cock?

You wouldn't take advantage of a kouhai would you?
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Oh shut up, you're basically just a concubine used to put a leash Koujo.
By take advantage you mean 'give them what they want', right?
Women take it as a sign that you'd be loyal to them if you attempt to disrobe them.

Can a death written in a Death Note be unfulfilled due to a premature death? Like, let's say Light wrote that some child molester would die of a heart attack a month from then, but two weeks before some guys murdered the dude. Is that possible?

If not, why didn't Light simply write his own name into the book, plan out a peaceful death, and schedule it like 70 years in the future so he could be basically immortal?
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if Light rights down a name, the person will always die of a heart attack or a specified cause. Nothing else will kill them since the Death Note manipulates the future to an extent essentially. If Light wants a criminal to have a heart attack, by Death God their gonna have that heart attack.
Nah the Death Note can't be used to extend someone's lifespan
One of the rules from word of god is that a death written in the death note cannot extend further than 6 months from the day it is written.

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>take something from some sort of mythology or classic literary work
>make it a cute girl
>make a series around it
What can you come up with?
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Fate/Stay Night
>Cute anime girls join the Marines.
>Older christmas cake yelling at them.
>"Is that you oniichan? Is this me?"
>"Who said that!? Who's the baka motherfucker you just signed her death warrant!?"
>Baka means japanese sword.
>Slow airhead anime girl is bad at training.
>Cute anime girls blanket party her.
>Blah blah
You faggots know the rest.
Valkyrie Profile

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Nico nico nii
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Happy birthday rape
Happy Birthday Nico! I love you!
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What the fuck is this shit?

>Manga releases every x week(s)
>forgot what happens in the previous chapter

How do you guys do it?
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by not being a brainlet
This is exactly why i began picking up anime only after they end. I miss out on the threadly memes and shitposting but at least i don't torture myself.
By reading the last chapter.

And if that chapter is unmemorable then you obviously stopped giving a shit at some point.

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>isekai stops airing
>season becomes shit

There's a reason it got so popular and now we get trash because of the complaints
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Are you from the future?
There's an isekai showing right now though, phoneposter-kun.
Watch older anime.

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Remember that one anime that only got one season but you enjoyed it very much?
What was it?

It doesn't matter if it was shit as long as you enjoyed it, come tell us what you remember about that show you liked so much despite its low sells and viewership

I liked the threads on /a/ and the show wasn't serious at all just comfy hair brushing, cake, maid spins and different ED's for each of the girls

Great cast of characters and waifu's galore, I like how the manga is still slowly being translated, if only I knew how to read moonrunes... someday you smug bitch

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne
One of the few shows where I encountered the problem of every girl being best girl, I liked the "big reveal" at the end and how competent the MC was in this harem anime
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I say Bananya, only 13 episodes sadly.
The plot was great, the soundtrack and animation were on point, and it had this great ED theme.
season 2 never
Rokka no yuusha

I dont imagine it was well liked here, but I enjoyed the characters

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Girls who are basically just semen storage facilities/meat toilets
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Isn't that all girls?

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>sculpt a girl
>call it a boy

Why is this allowed ?
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>sculpt a dog
>call it a cat
Is this the new buyfag thread? owo

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Post favorite character moments from the Boruto show, movie, or manga
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The best and cutest
I thought Nardo scolding Bort during the movie was refreshing because it's still relatively new to see him in such an authoritative role
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Mitsuki is such a mysterious character despite all the spotlight he's gotten so I really want SP to delve deeper into his past. Kishi teased us so much in his oneshot.

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Do you think Boruto's generation will reach planetary-levels?
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Who's your favorite? Personally i prefer Choo Choo, because she's so ethnic, and i think that's alright!
Fuck off Narutards

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