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>Type-Moon Popularity Poll
>7. Sakura
>9. Rin

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>Japan needs someone whose standards include Shinji to be confident about their chances
>/a/ will worship this as gospel for the same reasons but will then call Japan 'shit taste' if Rin somehow wins next time
Arcfags gotta be some of the most dedicated fans out there. Still supporting her even with literally no content or good promotional material at all.

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Why is she the best Amagami?
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All Amagami are best Amagami
>sex hair
>sex hair
>waitress uniform with ZR
>sex hair
>ain't afraid to smack a Chad
>sex hair
>knows Tsukasa's secret and keeps quiet
>pink panties
>can say 100 bad things about you
>can say 101 good things about you
Oh yeah, and she has sex hair.
But she's not.

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chapter 5 is out

chapter 4 >>160083181
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I did enjoy this show in a ironic way but I learned that some people unironically think it is a masterpiece.
What kind of person would think that?
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It's an LGBTQIIA classic
Macho macho man i wanna be a macho man
yosuke is the most faggot
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if you enjoyed it you enjoyed it
you can't say that ironically enjoyed it

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Anyone else prefer even a mediocre dub to a sub?
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Yeah, Retards.
Most likely people who cannot read subtitles and somehow need to spend 10+ years learning a language to understand emotions when people speak said language. So Americans in a nutshell
FLCL had a good dub.

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>The leader of the infamous nanatsu no taizai? It was actually a cute boy!
>The fatty, ugly, man? It was actually a cute boy!
>That big, muscular, menacing-looking guy in armor? It was actually a cute boy!
>King Arthur Pendragon? It was actually a cute boy!

Is this the worst example of Japan's obsession with femboys? I expected the pig to actually be a cute boy too.
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Given the mangaka, I'm shocked it's cute boys. Kongou Banchou was all swole as fuck guys beating the shit out of each other aside from a single loli who was there as a gag fighter.

I am pretty sad that he went this way for 7DS but I guess he knew he'd make more money this way by pandering to as many scenes as possible.
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>That last guy you've been waiting to see, the lion's sin of pride, Cute b...

nope, Escanor is perfect
I want to fuck Diane.

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Azumanga Daioh OP.webm
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You hear it, you lose. Anime edition.
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why cant it be "you win" version? I always wonder about this.
Kill you're self.
lu la lu

Is there a sub group for BnHA that doesnt do this stupid fucking "Full Cowling" Bullshit?

it's "Full Cowl" FFS
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CR gets their TL straight from Japan.
>implying that's bad

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Battle Inou Saitokaichou.webm
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Why did best girl get the least screen time? I just dont understand
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because cheap side mouth anime
She actually got more screentime in the anime than in the LN. In other words, Trigger loved her more than her creator.
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Inou-battle pres.webm
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Name a better scene in anime, I dare you.
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Is it bad that I started crying before she did?
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Leaks for 7/25 Big Gangan. Not dead yet.
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Senriyama Biyori
File: 1500725028278.jpg (209KB, 302x800px)Image search: [Google]
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Sera chapter
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Shinohayu: vanguard aftermath

What animes are you watching this season?
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Do you really want to know?
boku no pico
Fate/Apocrypha literally the only anime worth watching.

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Shh, loli is sleeping.
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Eeeei ne-chan okite!!!!!!
No time sleep~
Wrong. This loli is deceased.

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The bike race scene from Golden Boy was the pinnacle of anime, admit it.
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I'd gladly dump every bit of semen in her for the rest of my existence.

Golden Boy is One of the best anime ever made. The swimming part had me and my friends in stitches, mostly because it so perfectly encapsulates all the dumb shit we do to get that puss puss.
>Golden Boy dub was the pinnacle of anime, admit it.

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Ladies and gentlemen
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