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This man became one of the richest men in modern Japan by writing about his fetish.
Why aren't you following his footsteps, /a/?
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Show evidence of his wealth.
He has a bathtub and a shower in his bathroom!!! Don't you know that mangakas are loaded?
Why do little yellow people love incest so much

On a scale from DC to Jojo, how unique/complicated do you like your super powers in anime?

Also, do you notice a relationship between power obscurity and character quality?
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I don't mind really simple powers but I like complicated powers too, especially broken ones but with heavy limitations.

I hate the fact that nekketsu manga will draw the MC to have a really simple power making him punch hard or use fire.

In a manga in which there's magic, MC will often have the power to nullify magic. I think that's a pretty lazy trope.

Also, do you notice a relationship between power obscurity and character quality?

yes that's why Kuroro is such a great character

What do you mean by complicated. Powers that require a lot of explanation, ones that are quick to explain but uncommon, or either or both
the power to be a productive member of society

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Did you forgive her yet?
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For being perfect?
amg was a 25 year running series about a guy who had a goddess move in with him. They never fucked. they never kissed. They never held hands. Everyone assumed it was because the author was just being cutesy and it worked, but in the final arc it was revealed that humans and gods arent allowed to fuck so at the very begining of the series, belldandy tricked the mc and someone above her cast a spell on him to remove all his sexual desires but still love her unconditionally. Then her two sisters moved in and they basically mooched off him for 25 years.

He got blueballed for 25 years and she fucking knew about it

Lets be honest here, it's because the author was a prude who couldn't believably write interactions between a man and a woman.

>draw a girl
>use a female voice actor
>call it a dude

Why do they do this? What does it add? Are traps that big in Japan?
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The only big thing here is my dick when I see Astolfo
How many times did you made threads like this with the same character and question?
Because the female VA sounds like a kid.

>pirate an anime
>enjoy it
>studio makes no money
>they go out of business
>"wtf why wasn't there a sequel?"
How do you justify this?
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I don't need to justify myself.
I am not Japanese.
It's better for a good story to end than go on forever. Anime with more than 2 seasons are always total shit.

Please relive this idol of her stress.
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> relive
You want us to make her relive her stress by raping her? Sure.
give her a massage

This is your Mexican dragon for tonight
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>cow tits
can you stop spamming this thread everyday

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Kabukimonogatari licensed.
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That means that they are already planning and working on the novel S2, fucking neat.
>mfw I'll finally read Hitagi End.
well they already had neko white, so it's not really a news
why her. why not the dead girl

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megumin 2.jpg
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>wanting your dick sucked by a human vagina
boys are better than girls at pleasing boys in every way
the only worth of women is producing more boys
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Mashira Chapter 07
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Today's Theme
well >>160155521
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Choose one
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Not an option here, sorry. Choose one from the image.

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Any theory on why japanese readers preferred OP over Naruto?
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Better characters with more interesting stories to tell.
It's more interesting to read something with a more western inspiration. Similar reason as to why Naruto was more popular in the States.
Better everything

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>me and my gf celebrating my birthday
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Your gf is babe Nico
*is a babe
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Nico is a babe

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So in Rebellion: Homura is supposed to represent Lucifer, right? Once she was on her death bed to be taken to Heaven by God (Madoka), she ripped God apart in her hubris and now she has to compete with the larval form of God (Man). Am I understanding the analogy correctly here? Did Homura do nuffin or did she fuck up?
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No. Lucifer rebelled out of pride, Homu rebelled out of love. Everything she does is for Madoka.
I dunno, she seemed pretty smug and proud when she finally grabbed Madoka and tore her in two...
The pride is a byproduct of the love

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4x4 or 3x3 Thread
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+Paranoia Agent
-Code Geass,Steins Gate,Watamote
anon's favorite color
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++Monster, NHK, Tatami, Watamote, Bebop
+Kaiji, S;G
+-Konosuba, BnHA
++Monster, Eva
+Haibane, Texhnolyze, Gankutsuou, Mononoke

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