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How long will this ride last?
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Hopefully it'll be a trilogy.
Vivid Strike 2 when?
>Materials are in the cast list
Holy fuck 2 movies with Materials?

Mahoujin GuruGuru is the best anime this season.
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It has good butts
It's Konosuba in good
It was good when I watched it years ago and this version is even better. It's so fucking good.

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Why are catgirls in anime usually potrayed as extremely slutty?
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because they're fetish objects
Because they are
because they're in heat.

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What is thy desire?
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Remove that Tylor anime

give Tylor a proper adaption

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Fucking kill yourself already.
Why he made childrens? Better to die alone.
Regresa a Facebook, Jose.

Where Gurren Laganns message was that you have the power to overcome any problem, Evangelions message seemed to be that you are powerless to do anything.
What do you think /a/?
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>Evangelions message seemed to be that you are powerless to do anything.
I think your media literacy is on a kindergarten level.
Eva had a lot of messages, but that is certainly not one of them. Are you thinking of Ideon?

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Today's Ryuko 1/9
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Today's Ryuko 2.png
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Today's Ryuko 3.png
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Are you ready for "Kino" The animated series /a/
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I assumed /a/ would write this off because capeshit, but I'm looking forward seeing what it's like.
Fuck off and kill yourself, /tv/.
>no cute fucboi
What's the fucking point? God damn it Stan Lee.

Why is Ainz such a bad papa?

PA did nothing wrong to deserve such bullying
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because PA is shit and annoying
PA gets his reward, dont you worry
because he's an embarrassment

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Thanks to Yayoi, Haruki finally gets some compliments from girls other than his sisters.
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Because is cute and you should enjoy her.
Since when retarded=cute?
She got dropped on her head as a kid. Her mom drank too much while she was pregnant. Her friends played doctor and gave her a lobotomy.

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It's been 4 years.
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2 years for me.
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4 years and it is still not as good as TTGL. Fags on here will push the meme but it was ultimately inferior BUT it did have cuter girls. No not even that. Yoko alone is better than every other girl in KLK.
And? It was a huge disappointment from the Gurren Lagann team, the animation while somewhat inventive was unappealing and the characters were so lackluster.

Thematically it was as shallow as a puddle.

Hope Promare is better.

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unnamed (22).gif
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Sluts in anime are not disgusting.
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I'm sorry, I don't have a picture of your mom.
Could you post one for me?

Why are assassins in anime so edgy?
And why do none of them actually kill
for money?
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How else assassins would be?
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Anything other than "hurrdurr taste the double edged blade of my blood katana that i cut myself with"

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Talk whatever you want about this serie
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beating off to beato
I don't know how I am going to survive 9 more weeks.
I'm a little confused. I picked up this show partway because the threads when insinuating that you'd need a high IQ to understand what was going on. I mostly picked up the show because I have a thing for Victorian era dresses, but I digress. There wasn't any intrigue at all in the two episodes I watched, the loyalties of all agents were very clearly represented. The only point of contention arose at the closing points of episode two, but that was clearly something that would be expanded upon in future episodes, not something that would cause any kind of confusion. So I'm left dumbfounded as to why anyone would think the show required charts or anything of that matter.

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