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What's up with the schedule with this series??https://twitter.com/LiveChart_me/status/889075086925250561
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That's weird. Is the episode not going to air on the following week or something?
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Hopefully this is because the episodes are highly related to one another and not some other sinister reason.

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It's penis inspection day!
Nurse Mio Akiyama will perform the inspections for the day.
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I hate penis inspection day.
Shirley that needle isn't necessary

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ITT: Anime characters you'd go gay for
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This annoying faggot of all characters?
Saki made me a lesbian

What settings do /a/nons use for MPC-HC? My PC got wiped so I need new settings
Is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKACGOIAR5g any good?
Pic related is on the video's FullHD settings
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I don't have autism so I don't waste time on this retarded shit
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>good things are a scam
>effort is autism
I can tell you're doing a lot with your life.

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Now I know not to pick this up. Thanks, anon.
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Is this show worth getting into? I heard it starts out as cute monmusu SoL but devolved into thinly veiled socio-political commentary aka not cute

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Why dont yuri shows have generals, /a/?
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They have an entire board
Because we have an entire board dedicated to cancerous homosex girls
Just go to /u/

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New chapter in a few minutes.
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Congratulations anon! I will give you 4 million dollars to do a adaptation of one of my manga, it's called Berserk! You can choose everything you want, the studio, the staff, how it will be made, everything! Hwo you will spend the money?
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If Xenoglossia is [email protected]+Mai Hime, then I make [email protected]+Berserk.
>4 million
if you want the same trash as we got
>4 million dollars for an adaptation of Berserk


What typ of guy do you have to be to attrack girls like that? Is lifting required?
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You need a good catalyst
You need to look similar to them.
Start by being 2D first.

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Did Girlish Number flop because it was too smart?
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Chitose intimidated the average viewer
real people scare otaku away
Shit drama.

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If I purposely go into massive debt can I marry a rich hot milf?
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The boys probably just get sold off into slave labor.
No, you would be sold to a feminist.
What's Umaru doing there?

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In season 1, Hajime's boobs were just a normal size. Once season 2 came around, they got not only bigger, but also softer and squishier. What happened?
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Katze is literally living inside them during season 2.
The titty game ridiculou-ssu
dumb namefag

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Where Mari buys gifts, André doesn't act like a big fat retard and Kate is totally not heading out to the airport.

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Waiting for BDs.webm
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>BDs ship in 3 days
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Will they change/add anything?

Shinkai reportedly made some changes from the theatrical version for the BD/DVD release. No one will know exactly what those changes are yet.

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